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Basketball 101 – The Box Out

Chuck - Red's Army November 13, 2009 Uncategorized 14 Comments on Basketball 101 – The Box Out

The Atlanta Hawks outworked the Celtics in the Gardent tonight and won the game, 97-86.

The rebounding and second chance statistics were ugly.

Atlanta had 47 rebounds to Boston's 29. 16 offensive rebounds to Boston's 6. 22 second chance points to Boston's 4.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised. Prior to this game, the Celtics were 28th in the league in rebounding.

Point the finger at Kevin Garnett (5 rebounds), Rasheed Wallace (3 rebounds) and Paul Pierce (3 rebounds). Perk (14 pts, 9 rebounds) played a decent game. But it was frustrating to watch him have his shot blocked at least 3 times.

Horrible three-point shooting (1-15) also killed the Celtics.

The Celtics tried to make a run late in the 4th. They cut a 12 point lead to 7, but three missed free throws (2 by Rondo, 1 by Pierce) and a missed open three pointer by Wallace, put an end to the rally.

Paul Pierce tweaked his knee in the third quarter. He made a quick stop in the locker room, but returned for the 4th quarter.

Box Score

"It's just one of those nights, the ball has eyes and only for the dark blue shirts."– Hubie Brown.

Photos from the game (and random dancer pics) after the jump…





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  • The offense struggled tonight, and looked old and thats the time where rajon rondo has to look for his offense and take over…he basically refused to do that tonight..hes looking to pass to a bunch of ice cold players and refusing to score or even look for offense
    also, something ive been concerned about all year and will be for the rest of the year is rebounding, its the obvious tonight, but to me Kevin Garnett has to be a dominant rebounder, i dont care an ounce about his offense, he just needs to get back to being a dominant rebounder, if that doesnt happen we’re in trouble

  • great point about rondo. he took like 5 shots.

  • Mizzle

    Maybe it’s my deep hatred for the Hawks, but I think that was one of the worst Celtics outings of the KG era. The Cs looked completely out of sync and apathetic out there, Doc included. I know it’s a work in progress, but I’m already not liking some of some of the substitution patterns. Sheed is great and all when he is knocking down the 3, but I have a hard time playing him over Perk in the 4th. And any lineup with Marquis and Rondo in at the same time also scares me with the amount of sag defense out there on those two. KG is obviously still not himself. When I see him get on all 4s and break out “The Cobra” again on defense, I’ll know he’s back to 100%. Until then, the Cs go as Rondo goes, I guess. I’m drunk and rambling. Go Nuggets. Goodnight.

  • NineSevenEight

    Amen! KG’s getting ABSOLUTEY abused on the glass. This game was lost on the glass. It’s frustrating to see white shirts standing around watching opponents jump over them for rebounds in the paint. Or watching opponents slap the ball to their teammates on the perimeter.
    And if the C’s are going to go on these 1 for 92181974 from the three point line, I’d rather them just can it all together because that’s too many wasted opportunities for easy baskets.
    I actually agree with Totheruins (shocker!) Rondo should have been trying to get some type of offense going for himself tonight, especially in a game like tonight when the Celtics prime scorer in Pierce went down for the 3rd quarter. He doesn’t have to score a ton….but more than 2 points helps…as a starter. It puts more pressure on the bench to pick up that offense. And Eddie House is in a freezer right now.
    I just don’t understand why it doesn’t seem like the C’s take the Hawks seriously. I don’t consider it a rivalry, but the C’s know the Hawks do and try and bring their A game….the energy seems one-sided.

  • and props to the Hawks, they played a good game and look to be a better team with jamal crawford coming off the bench, and just plain played harder all night.
    But again, the rebouding is something to pay attention too..if we cant get dominant rebounding we’re not gonna win..
    And i diagree with a poster above about this being the most lackadaisical effort of the so called “KG Era” … hell, i thought they were more lackadaisical against MIN and NJ, those just happen to be worse teams(they got outrebounded in both of those games by the way)

  • NineSevenEight

    On a totally different note, not that this had anything to do with the outcome of the game, but I’m getting pretty sick of the phantom techs being called on the Celtics. It’s becoming ridiculously obvious that refs are targeting Perk when he can’t even score a bucket without “looking” at someone the wrong way. Is there a quota on tech fouls that have to be called per game now? It’s a momentum killer to have a point taken away after you’ve just scored.

  • i thought the refs were rather awful tonight, but im so over blaming the refs…the celtics are good enough to overcome poor officiating on any given night, and they just played poorly

  • NineSevenEight

    Agreed. The Celtics are the only ones to blame for the loss, I’m just sick of the techs for nothing but reputation…Twice Perk has been called for techs on supposed “looks” If you’re going to call a tech…call it for something that’s warranted. Perk doesn’t even have to speak or body anyone to get a tech anymore.

  • FSantos33

    Admit it guys we are a non-athletic squad period. Our Celts need an experienced wing man to run with teams like tonight. ATL destroyed us on the offensive boards. Credit to ATL they out played us tonight. Rondo’s offense has been UGHH especially on jumpers and free throws (F’in 38%)??? Shaq looking like Mark price on the FT compared to Rondo’s percentage. Our last few wins haven’t been impressive and the last two loses have been terrible. It’s not a good combo. Get it together!

  • Nora

    Lots of conclusions being made based on this game. The team is going to lose games too early to make judgements about why imo. Rebounding is effort and obviously Atlanta put more effort in tonight.

  • JD

    Rebounding suck, defense kinda sucks, Rondo’s FTs SUCK (although they weren’t the main problem tonight, it just seems to get worse everytime he goes to the line). I’m glad I chose tonight to drink a little bit, because that was a depressing loss.

  • Rebounding is all about effort, i think doc needs to send a little message to the starters and frontline and start letting guys like sheldon and scal (maybe big baby when he gets back) take their playing time when they aren’t getting the effort to dominate the boards
    also on rondo, did anyone think he sat for an extremely longer than usual somewhere at the end of the 1st or beginning of the 2cd. completely agree with rondo needing to look for his shot more, it made me sick when he got an easy layup around the 2 min mark by just blowing by bibby, made me think wtf why havent you been doing that all night? clearly he could have
    question of the day, if you could add a player this team, would you rather add a big three small four tweener type? or a solid back up point guard? just to give you a better idea of what im talking about, someone LIKE ryan gomes (notice like) or an antonio daniels caliber guy
    also, what are everyones thoughts about lue suiting up? do you think he will or will not, if you do, when? me personally find it hard to believe that doc would wait to suit up anyone healthy, ready, and that could possibly help the team, he pretty much coaches every game like his lifes on the line
    one last thing, i have a plea to doc
    its getting tough to watch a team shoot free throws like they are standing 30 feet away from the basket

  • DRJ

    I had the unusual opportunity to watch this game late, after knowing the outcome and reading some of the comments. I carefully looked for the specific reasons for the loss and found:
    (1) – #1 reason for the loss was the refereeing. Doc told the team to “play through it”, even though “they’re letting them get away with everything out there”. And many of us fans feel they should “play through it”. Well yes, sometimes they can. But I think we can all agree that IT’S MUCH HARDER to win when the refs are calling the entire game against you.
    The worst no-call was the obvious triple foul on PP driving to the basket in the 3rd. This was typical of this game, because it led directly to a 3-pointer on the other end, which happened because the Cs did not get back on D, which happened because they could not believe that the refs had let the Hawks do that to their captain with no call. It’s understandable – basic human nature, even when you’re a pro. (And there were many, many other terrible no-calls when the Cs were being fouled. Mauled, actually)
    (2) – Note also that when it’s obvious that the refs are decidedly against you – which really was very clear to everyone; Doc even talked about it in an early huddle – it’s hard to play your best. It’s kind of like knowing that God is determined to get you… you still have free will, but your chances of survival are slim, and you know it.
    (3) – Much has been made of the disparity in offensive rebounds in this game. There is some truth to it, but a lot less than it seems at first glance. I carefully counted each offensive rebound, and there were at least SEVEN that went to the Hawks because of simple BAD LUCK. It happens. In any single game, luck can move those rebounds disproportionately to one team or the other, and that’s what happened in this game.
    (4) – To the extent that offensive rebounding was a real issue, there were two main reasons for it: (a) mostly it was because Perk was confused when it came to the defensive boards, too often nowhere to be found when the rebound battles were being fought. And (b) KG is still working his way back to 100%. He’s at about 80%-85%, but the missing % is ALL IN HIS HOPS. His biggest remaining weakness is his jumping. As this improves, so will his rebounding.
    Some other notes:
    (5) – Cs were just terrible on their 3s. Doc’s answer (about a week ago) to the question of whether the team was shooting too many 3s was “look at our record”. Well… bad answer. If it’s a problem, that record will change, and not for the better. And it is a bit of a problem. Anyway, they were clearly terrible from 3-range in this game, and this too was a prime reason for the loss. (I.e., if they had hit a normal % (NOT 6.7%) , they would have won.)
    (6) – On the other hand, the Hawks got hot late in the game, especially with their 3s. Way it goes.
    (7) – KG sometimes passes too much. In this game, he passed up at least two easy layups/dunks for passes.
    (8) FT% is still not up to par.
    (9) – Here’s what I did NOT see: I did NOT see poor demeanor or lack of effort. Well, maybe a bit on Rondo’s part, and maybe Perk was a tad slow. But in general, the team was working hard, but lost… for the reasons enumerated above.

  • the refs arent to blame – i dont care how bad they were.
    and why when people point to a singular person to blame, its always rondo? i was dissapointed with lack of agressiveness offensively ( i noticed he hurt his hand early on)…but we lost because of rebounding and the 3 pt shot, period end of story…ultimately this has little to do with rondo or his 2 missed fts…
    also, this team looks old, this also has little to do with rondo