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The Ray Allen shirt that fights diabetes

Those of you who could watch the game saw this last night so Greg Dickerson talking about this TShirt.  It's the charity shirt specifically made for Ray Allen.

The latest design release from Muze Clothing is a symbolic approach
that maps Ray Allen's career journey by tracing the contours of
basketball seams from the beginning of his career up to the present day.

Proceeds from this shirt go to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

The WWJSD stands for "What Would Jesus Shuttlesworth Do"  Go to Muze Clothing to buy the shirt.  It costs $40, but that's because they're raising money for charity.

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    Can you offer any insights into the design? It’s fairly obvious that the last two colored balls ( the green and green/yellow) are indicative of the Celts and Sonics respectively. Also the blue ball can be assumed to represent his UConn days. The colorless ball the future perhaps. But what’s with the blue/red and blue/green balls?
    Any Ideas?

  • Carson

    I think the purple/green is the Bucks, who drafter him, and the red/blue is team USA

  • The purple and green is definitely the Bucks, I actually think the just blue is high school days and the navy blue and red is UConn, not team USA. Not 100% on that though.

  • Zach

    blue and black is highschool red and blue is uconn green and purple is bucks green and yellow is sonics and the green one is celtics and the plain one is for th future

  • Booger

    The blue is the Lincoln Railsplitters of Coney Island. What would Jesus Shuttlesworth do? He’d buy one for his pops. Love the shirt, Ray!