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“He’s been wonderful”

Shelden dunk

Doc went on Dennis & Callahan this morning and talked about a lot of things… but we wanted to highlight what he said about Shelden Williams… just cuz the guy deserves a little love around here.

I’ll tell you Shelden, he’s been absolutely wonderful. Obviously when
he scores points everyone sees that, but what they don’t see is all the
little things. He has so much to learn, honestly. If there’s anyone
behind as far as our scheme it would be Shelden. He’s probably picked
up about half of it. That’s the good part. You know when he really gets
it all, he’ll be a really good fit for our team.

Shelden is averaging 7 points and 5 boards in 16 minutes.  But if you want to pull the ol' "per 48" stat out… Big Shel is averaging 15.2 rebounds per 48 minutes… good for 17th in the league.  Of course, when you do that… Joel Pryzbilla becomes the league leader… but still.

Yes, this will provide a challenge when Glen Davis returns.  The minutes have to go somewhere.  But Doc will just find himself in the same spot he was in last year:  When you need a banger on the block, you put Shelden in where you would have put Leon Powe in.  When you need more of a face up guy, you use Davis. 

All this depth is a nice problem to have.

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  • I think Shelden is better then Powe

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I concur.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I have to agree. And BBD’s minutes will get shared with Shelden just like they did with Powe.
    House, Daniels, Wallace, Shelden and BBD (eventually)is a very formidable 2nd team. It’s nice to see we can go 10 deep and to see Walker and Lester in garbage time. I don’t remember seeeing so much of Pruitt last year? Giddens, TA and Scal don’t need to be on this team anymore.

  • DRJ

    Good to have depth, yes. But when Daniels missed one game, they played (arguably) their worst game of the year (vs. Nets) and Doc said “We had nobody to bring the ball up.”
    Lester does pretty well in the few minutes he’s given. I think Doc needs to give him a lot more time NOW… so that he’s ready for backup duty later, when we might really need him.

  • Nick

    I TOLD YOU ALLL. Don’t ever sleep on the LANDLORD. Pay that rent and show him fucking Respect at all times, dude is a str8 beast. Way better than Powe. The only thing Powe does better than Shelden is finish around the hoop and draw fouls. Shelden brings great Team D and he knows how to accept a role and play 4 a champion. just ask coach K

  • does it really matter if Powe can get to the line more, when hes a terrible ft shooter, and shelden is very formidable?…kinda washes that out