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Lay Up

RedsArmyAdmin November 11, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on Lay Up

Amazing what a couple of days off can do, huh? 

The Celtics picked apart the Jazz tonight with an attack that would make a boxer proud.  They softened up the body by coming out aggressive and picking the Utah Jazz defense apart with lay up after lay up.  And once they dropped their defense to accommodate for that,  The C's threw the knockout punches from the 3 point line.

The final result: a 105-86 decimation of the Utah Jazz

The particulars: 

Rajon Rondo took advantage of an ailing Deron Williams to get wherever he wanted on the court and pick the Jazz apart.  He's just too fast for that team if Williams isn't healthy enough to stay in front of him.  The final toll: 14 points, 11 assists, 2 steals in 31 minutes.  He shot 7 of 11… but he didn't get to the line once.  It's actually because he was too fast to get hit.  I'm not kidding.

I'm quoting Mike Gorman by calling Paul Pierce's line "efficient."  13 points on 4-7 shooting (3-5 3pt fg).  2-2 from the line, 6 rebounds, 6 assists 3 steals. 

The Jazz shot 47%, which is not great for the C's defense… but they missed all 10 of their 3's.  The 21 turnovers is a good sign, though.  So was the 28-18 3rd quarter for Boston.

The Celtics blew the doors off the Jazz while getting out-rebounded pretty handily.  But the Celtics doubled up the Jazz in the assist column.  30 assists on 41 field goals made is a pretty amazing stat to me.

The Jazz just looked slow in this one.  But they're a slow team.  They're a half-court, grind it out, pick-and-roll team.  The Celtics completely took them out of that tonight. 

Box Score

After the jump, the Rondo to KG alley oop.

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  • JTB

    Can you post some information on how to procure the Ray Allen WWJSD t-shirt for juvenile diabetes that Suck was pimping during the game? Thank you kindly.

  • DRJ

    Best play — Rondo going end to end for a layup after a made FT with just 3.8 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. Amazing.
    KG — looks like he’s at 80%-85%. Figure he’ll get to 100% by around the All-Star break (since the last 15% is the hardest to get). With KG at 100% and the team playing like they did tonight… who’s gonna beat them? Nobody.
    Refs — just completely incompetent in this game. At least 5 traveling calls that were plain wrong (for both sides), and lots of other missed/wrong calls. At least one of those guys needs retraining on what constitutes a walk in the NBA, ’cause he’s way confused. With the refs that bad, the TO numbers have to be considered unreliable.

  • That Rondo play took my breath away. I looked down for one second, and when I looked back up he was under the other hoop-incredibly fast. Super-human even. Right at the end of the 1st Rondo clip, you can see BP from Gino’s Jungle stand-up to the left of the basket. I am sitting to his right w/the green 43 Perkins shirt on. Another GREAT night at the Garden baby!

  • here’s some quick thoughts i had about the game
    -big baby is going to have to seriously earn his minutes back, sheldon is pretty much acted as the perfect 4th big for this team thus far into the season; its going to be interesting to see how this plays out because there isnt that much time for big baby when he comes back
    -it is absolutely impossible to get any sort of a read on our young guys with how they play in the minutes they are getting, its almost like they dont want to ruffle any feathers so they defer the ball to the elder statesman that is in with them; i cant decide whether thats a good or bad thing, on one hand they are trying there best to play “celtic basketball” on the other you have to ask yourself, are they really capable of scoring?
    -Rondo dominated tonight’s game, played absolutely perfect, and again against one of the leagues premier points; i had an interesting thought during the game, and i think Rondo has had at least one game during his career where he has severely outplayed each premier point guard in the NBA, does that sound right to everybody? I mean i seem to be able to remember games where he has pretty much dominated cp3, nash, deron williams, billups, parker, devon harris, mo williams, kidd, derreck rose, jameer nelson…all those guys
    -marquis, sheldon, and sheed seem to all be absolutely perfect fits for this team as of now, danny did a great job this past summer
    -at this rate i think sheed and eddie might have more attempted 3’s by the end of the season than about ten teams in the league entire benches…. and this is in no way a referendum on them shooting threes

  • Carl

    The post says the Jazz missed all 8 of their threes. They missed all 10.

  • oops… sorry about that. Thanks. It’s been fixed

  • This is now the 3rd game in a row rondo has outplayed Deron Williams head-to-head…but im sure the next time they matchup the headlines will be, “can rondo play up to deron williams level” i am beginning to wonder when we will stop asking that question, because honestly im sick of the point guard pedestal Willams and Paul are put on, both are mortal, both are inconsistent…both are good yeah, but its not unobtainable status..
    And anyone else annyoed by Deron williams whining and moaning and letting everyone in the NBA fandom know his back hurts? its embarrasing, and Jerry sloan must think so, having coached John Stockton, who played 19 years in the league and never once complained about injuries, and suited up every single night with any pain, and made no excuses. Rondo made a point of this after the game saying “my back hurts too, noone in this league plays at 100%”… man up deron, you ended up playing more minutes then rajon there buddy

  • Scott

    I was at this game, and although Rondo clearly outplayed Williams, he keeps showing that annoying habit of getting lazy on defense and allowing opposing PG’s to get by him. A handful of times he would let Williams get by him and try that stupid “backtap” move trying for a steal that hardly ever works. I love Rondo, but if he’s going to let an unhealthy Williams do that to him that isn’t a good sign. He can and should stay in front of anyone in this league

  • rcry

    I don’t know if Rondo is just “letting” people get by him. It’s frustrating to watch, but Deron Williams is much bigger and stronger than Rondo. If Williams is really determined to go to the hoop and has the momentum and/or the pick to help him get there, Rondo alone isn’t going to be able to stop him. We’d obviously want Rondo to stay in front of Williams 100% of the time, but that’s just not realistic. I think overall, Rondo did a pretty good job on defense.