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Best nickname I’ve heard in a while

Eddie house 2

“I call him the ‘Cheat Code,’ really because every time he shoots you
think it’s going in,” Frye said. “Like in a video game, a basketball
game, you put one person into one spot and they’re going make it every
time. And that’s him. Yeah, he’s the ‘Cheat Code.’”

Channing Frye in Jessica Camerato's "House Stays Hot With Suns"


No wonder I see Doc on the sidelines mouthing "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start" when Eddie goes into the game.

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  • nick

    I just call him Eddie Mansion because when it comes to shooting he is a notch above being a house. I think that is better than cheat code. Whenever he shoots a 3 me and my boys just scream MANSION b4 it even goes in

  • Spiraea

    +100 for going old school with the Konami code!

  • Some folks on Twitter came up with “Poker Face” for Marquis Daniels. That is a perfect fit. Still waiting for a “Quisy Makes It Look Easy” tshirt..

  • Shawn-cvd

    Since the Bulls series my friends and I have been calling him “House Money” . We need to get a nicknaming post on this site during a slow news day … What do you say RA/Chuck?