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RedsArmyAdmin November 10, 2009 Uncategorized 17 Comments on Write for RedsArmy.com

One thing has been clear as Chuck and I chart our path for world domination…

… we can't do it alone.

So we're looking for a couple of writers.  The requirements are simple:

1.  Know basketball, especially the Celtics
2.  Be able to write clearly, comfortably and concisely.  We don't want clones of me and Chuck, but we do want people who can fit the site's tone and style.
3.  Be able to commit to the gig.  We're looking for someone who will be here for, at the absolute bare minimum, the duration of the season.

We can't offer much… but we can actually give you a little bit of cash.  And that's better than no cash.  Plus, you get the exposure of getting published on what is easily the 8th or 9th best Celtics site around…. which is pretty priceless.

All joking aside, we take this site seriously and we want our writers to as well.  We're committed to providing Celtics news while entertaining the masses and we're finally in a position to start building a staff.  If you commit to us, we'll commit to you.  Anyone who is interested can email us at RedsArmy.com@gmail.com.  Please send along any writing samples you might have.  And if we say no… please don't take it personally.  We're picky.  It might also take a little while to get back to you because Chuck has to sound out all the words in the submissions.

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  • Walker,TexasCeltic

    Do you want the writing samples to be exclusively Celtics-related, or would you accept a couple of writing samples on topics other than basketball mixed in with some Celtics posts?

  • I’ll take anything you have that demonstrates your writing style and personality.

  • Walker, TexasCeltic

    Cool. Thanks.

  • Celts 4 Lie

    I’ll do it. Sign me up!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    KWAPT is the obvious choice. To the ruins is the least obvious choice. I would also pull for Papa Irish and Double P Reppin the B, they seem to recognize the game and the Celts skills and flaws.

  • You should do a “So You Think You Can Write For Reds Army” and have the readers help you with the process. Can I be the funboy judge?

  • Jason

    I’m hurt.

  • hey on a somewhat related note,
    would you guys have any need for a photographer/would there be any way for us to collaborate and get a media pass to some games?
    just a thought, take a look at the site there are some photos from the celts new orleans game last year on there.

  • 1. Know basketball, especially the Celtics I played 4 years of college ball then Coached and have been a Celtic fan since 81 so check to that!!!!!!!!!
    2. Be able to write clearly, comfortably and concisely. We don’t want clones of me and Chuck, but we do want people who can fit the site’s tone and style. Well that’s where you got me until I buy voice to word software. Plus you most likey want someone who is sober enough to see what he is typing!!
    3. Be able to commit to the gig. We’re looking for someone who will be here for, at the absolute bare minimum, the duration of the season. Yea I could do that!!!! I feel my lack of typing skills could only hurt this wonderful blog!!!!!! Good Luck in the Search and Good Luck to all that apply!!!!if I can ever can stay sober long enough I may throw a bone (write up) for Free!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would have done a little diffrent Like win a job at REDSARMY a give all the people trying for the job a week trial or something!!!!
    If you need someone to sell for the site then let me know GO CELTICS!!!!!!

  • Celts 4 Lie

    I can do this. You won’t regret choosing me. Let’s do it guys!

  • DRJ

    Small word of caution: Beware the Trojan horse… 🙂

  • Part of the reason why I love this site is because it’s a 2 man operation. Both of you complement each other so well in terms of personality and analysis. I wouldn’t want to mess with something that works. There’s already too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to the internet and blogs. Don’t run it like a business.
    Sorry for being a bitch, thats just my take on it. Keep up the good work.

  • We could definitely use some sales help. I’m not kidding.

  • Believe me… we’re sensitive to that. That’s why we’re picky. We REALLY appreciate you saying this… and we take it as a very big compliment. But we do think there are others out there who can make the site better. We know there are untapped voices out there that you’ll enjoy and that fit here. We won’t compromise the site’s voice when we bring in someone new.

  • Nick

    Im very interested, I am in communications major in college right now, I may be switching to journalism though, and I don’t miss Celtics games ever, I skiiped my grandfather’s funeral to watch game 7 against Cleveland 2 seasons ago, I could have have DVR’ed it but it wouldn’t have been the same. I have a few writings, I sent you guys one, and any interest would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks for the props IBleedGreen-I really appreciate it.

  • Orb

    Whenever I scroll this far down I get distracted. What’s the question again? Oh, right… I vote for Marisa Miller.