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Iverson contemplating retirement

Allen Iverson is contemplating retirement if he doesn't rejoin the
Grizzlies, according to a source with knowledge of the veteran guard's

Iverson left the team Saturday after receiving permission from Griz
owner Michael Heisley to deal with a personal matter. The stress
associated with a family issue plus Iverson's frustration over playing
a reserve role might spell the end of his 14-year NBA career, according
to the source.

Heisley said he's not been given any indication that Iverson might
be leaning towards retirement, and still is holding out hope that the
10-time All-Star will return to Memphis.

Commercial Appeal

At this point, I say good riddance.  It's too bad.  He's got the talent to help a team if he wants to just put his ego aside.  But right now, even teams that could use him wouldn't dare take a chance.

(Via FanHouse)

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  • thetitleisours

    I was so glad when the attempted trade for him fell though. PP would have probably left by now

  • Lee in Oregon

    Sam “I Am” aka “ET” Cassell…..Stephon “Starbury”……ALLEN IVERSON? Is he this years Feb signing?
    Dont laugh, Danny likes him. Maybe some down time will make AI wake up and see his career in a different light and ready to contribute to (or wreck) a contender.