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Baby Works on the Left Hand

Chuck - Red's Army November 9, 2009 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Baby Works on the Left Hand


Here's a great photo from today's Celtics practice – Glen Davis working on his left-handed free throws.

He'll probably never shoot that way during a game, but what else is a guy with a cast going to do?

(image courtesy Peter Forsberg/

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  • thetitleisours

    He should also practice layups with his left

  • Jason

    In high school, just before my sophomore soccer season I really messed up my right ankle. In the few weeks in took me to return, I developed my left foot nearly as good as my right and it paid dividends in subsequent seasons. Being a pro already, I’m sure BBD isn’t as one-handed as most teen athletes are, but still, six straight weeks of only using your weak hand could definitely be a nice silver lining that pays off.

  • “B’….”B”….”D”..BBD.

  • nick

    Im a little disturbed by the fact that we saw how tired and beat up Pierce and Ray were at the end of last season, yet Doc still plays them like CRAZY. we don’t play Marquis Daniels enough, and we don’t even fucking play J.R Giddens. Unless Doc plans on playing Giddens or Walker to help out, then we needa sign Desmond Mason. I think that makes a LOT of sense because he’s an extremely aggressive player on both ends of the court and he could play 10 minutes a night. What’s the downside? cmon now Ainge get it done

  • KY Celts fan

    Ray and Paul are averaging just over 30 min. a game. that’s perfectly fair.
    and we don’t play JR Giddens because JR Giddens SUCKS! no need to talk about the roster. I guarantee it’s not going to change this season.