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Your Morning Dump… featuring some love for Scal

Scal on lopez Every
morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“It was huge, but Scal came in and played well for us,” said Rivers.
“But especially in that first half when Paul (Pierce) got into foul
trouble and you had to give Ray (Allen) a rest and they were pressuring
Eddie (House), we needed another ballhandler on the floor and we didn’t
have one.”

Herald – Scalabrine knows his role, plays it well

"Yeah, it was a great feeling," Scalabrine said of his game-changing
hoops, "especially with Marquis out tonight. Because, you know, really,
that's the mark of great team, just having different guys step up every

"That's why you love him," Doc said of Scalabrine. "He's
just such a great role player for your team. He won't play a second one
game, but then come out the next night and give you meaningful minutes.
You know he won't hurt you. He's always going to be smart on the floor.
And it was nice to see him and the rest of the bench give us a lift in
the fourth." 

I'll paraphrase another thing Doc said last night to sum up Scal's night:  He's a great role player for your team.  He can not play a second one night, and then get meaningful minutes the next, and you know he's not going to hurt you.  He's going to do smart things out there.  On a night with no Marquis Daniels on the bench and Pierce getting two early fouls, Scal shook off back spasms to give the C's 20 solid minutes.

After the jump, Page 2… where Baby doesn't want to play football anymore

Glen Davis wants to make one thing very, very clear. He has no intention of playing in the NFL.

“No football for me,” the injured power forward said, while leaving
the Garden wearing a Cincinnati Reds baseball cap. “Put that on the

WEEI: Baby-"No football for me"

Glen got his balls busted for the football stuff pretty good… so he's backing off.  It's funny, Glen can't do a damn thing right this year.  From the contract dragging out… to his thumb… and now this.  Every move he seems to make blows up in his face somehow.

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  • angsty

    anyways, you guys heard the news of sasha vujadick getting involved with maria sharapova? i didnt know maria was a lesbian…

  • Damn, angsty… … … ice … … cold.

    No doubt poor Sasha gets that a lot…he will just have to find some way to console himself…’honey, they are making fun of me on internets again.’

    and YESSSS Scal is still on the team! I was starting to wonder…but I guess if he’s having back issues that explains him not(or barely?) playing at all so far.

    But yeah after his awesome run in the 2nd half of the season last year, and Glen Davis being out, I thought for sure we’d be seeing more Ginger Thunder this fall.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    so whats up with Marquis? Any news on what kept him out of the game last night?

  • Family matter. He mentioned on twitter about going to a funeral

  • Wiggs Dannyboy


  • DRJ

    In defense of the Cs’ recent poor performances:
    It’s more than just 8 games in 12 days and back-to-backs… it’s the fact that this is coming right out of the gate at the top of the schedule. When the tough schedules happen later in the season, the guys are already acclimated to the lifestyle and they can take it better. When it happens up front, it’s much harder.
    Reminds me of when I was forced to work 3-4 nights per month (this was a couple of lifetimes ago). The first time I had to do it was very rough… probably killed a few people. But after a few weeks, it was easy… you just take it in stride. Same thing applies to the team, I think. Ray and Paul, I hear, worked out over the summer, so they’re doing better physically (Ray missing so many shots is just Ray being bad). But KG was unable to really work out AT ALL… so we should understand that it will take him time to get his stamina up.
    If this theory is correct, we should see a much, much better KG on Wednesday. Hope so… ’cause for the past 3 games, KG has been a net negative on this team.
    And… isn’t it scary for Doc to say that with ONE guy out, Quis, suddenly the Celtics have “nobody” to bring the ball up? (Imagine having 6-7 guys out, like the Nets!) Geez… let’s get Lester some PT so he can be the backup he was meant to be. Do it NOW… learn from last year’s mistakes.

  • I had recorded both Friday and Saturdays games and watched them back to back last night, the shooting is terrible. Could be the lack of practice as Doc points out, but I’m concerned that it might be this new idea of skipping shoot around on game day. I hate them being the ginnea pig for this idea.