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The Bigger Fool: Allen Iverson or Grizzlies Owner?


Have you stopped for a moment to watch this train wreck in Memphis? Just three games into his Grizzlies career, Allen Iverson is already bitching about not being a starter.

Memphis owner Michael Heisley is trying to cover-up his colossal mistake by claiming AI left the team for personal reasons, and not because he's upset with his role. Yeah, riiiight.

I blame Heisley for this fiasco. He signed Iverson (1 yr, $3 million) when no other owner or team would have him. Iverson's selfish reputation reached its pinnacle last year when he refused to accept a reserve role on the Pistons.

When Memphis signed Iverson, I assumed there was some type of agreement between the parties that AI would be a starter. Apparently not.

Iverson could be the perfect role player on a contending team. He'd be a magnificent offensive weapon off the bench.

But Allen Iverson just doesn't get it. He never has, and never will. His ego, attitude and selfish perspective has finally surpassed his skill level.

Fortunately for us, this equation likely signals the end of Allen Iverson's NBA career.

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  • Honestly, I doubt if even an attitude transplant could make AI a good contributor anywhere anymore in the NBA, starting or on the bench.

    He just doesn’t have the sort of game that could ever be useful like that. He’s a volume guy and if you could magically figure out which days were going to be his good days and only use him on those days, yeah that’d work. Otherwise, give him the ball and he will kill your team.

    He just never developed good judgment. He always has been and always will be a one gear player, and that gear is ATTACK. I could always respect that about his game, but it means he’s done in the NBA.

  • Alex

    The end of the Iverson era.
    Good riddance.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Trade Scal’s expiring contract for Iverson, take him for the one year coming off the bench! haha Maybe Garnett can scare him into shape Then we would have one hell of a bench

  • Alex

    Stupidest idea ever. 😉
    I’d rather have Tony Allen than AI in the Celtic’s team. AI is like Marbury, a ticking time bomb, but instead of a regular bomb, he’s more of an atomic bomb.

  • Spiraea

    AI could learn alot from ‘Sheed

  • KY Celts fan

    AI and TO are kindred spirits. I’m surprised we don’t see them sitting next to each other at baseball games or at the movies.

  • Larry B.

    Man! Is there ANY chance at all that AI will EVER get it? His “I’m-The-Most-Important_Person-On-The-Planet s— is old, very old, REALLY very old. Nobody wants to hear it anymore. He ought to be down on his knees thanking God and Memphis for his $3MM for 1 year contract. Maybe the Grizzlies can give him another $3MM to just shut up and go away. There’s a new career waiting for him at… Dancin’ with the Stars!