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Well THAT was horrible to watch

The line for the eye wash begins to the left.  You'll need it to wash the crappiest game you'll watch all year off your retinas.  That, folks, was about 48 minutes of pure crap.  The good news is, the Celtics came out on top of this pile of dung 86-76… making them the only winners in this mess.

KG and Ray combined to shoot 8-26.  Sheed was 3-10… including 0-4 from 3.  The entire offense looked disjointed and slow all night.  Lucky for them, they were playing an already bad New Jersey team that was made worse by a million injuries and a player with swine flu.  A full Nets squad might have blown the C's out tonight.

Alright, let's get to some positives:

  • The Celtics had 20 steals.  20.  Part of it was some good defense, part of it was New Jersey's putrid offense. 
  • Paul Pierce scored 16 points on 8 shots.  Why he only took 8 shots is beyond me.  He also had 7 assists.
  • Rajon Rondo shot 8 of 11, and finished with 16 points, 3 assists and 5 steals with 1 turnover. 
  • The Celtics won… and any win is a good win.

And here's the last positive:  The Celtics are off until Wednesday.  Hallelujah!  This 4 games in 5 nights crap is too much for this team… especially when a guy like Marquis Daniels isn't around.

Here's the box score.  Click it if you dare.  My advice?  Go have a couple of drinks, forget this night ever happened, and we'll just talk about something else in the morning.  Ok?

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  • stoolFool

    sheldon williams played real well too, that’s another positive. other than his stone hands, which he loves to show off, he seems to make very few mistakes. big baby might have to earn his time once he comes back even more so.

  • DRJ

    Funny how Doc keeps going back to the Big 3, even when they’ve turned into the Big One (Pierce) and the Has-Been Two. What is the point of having a lot of depth if you don’t use it?
    I think the troubling thing for this or any team is when it’s the second of back-to-back games where one (or more) is an away game. You’re coming into the second city in the early morning… messes up your sleep real bad. It’s quite unfair… and even though the unfairness is evenly distributed among NBA teams, it seems like a silly thing to have at all. Wouldn’t it be better if they played, say, 75 games/season and had no back-to-backs? I guess this goes into the same bin with “Wouldn’t it be better if we had video refs backing up every call?”… the one marked “Never Gonna Happen”.
    Good that you found a few positives. Here are two more, tho not from our side: Lopez and that nutjob Alston… they’re pretty good. Lopez kept getting WIDE OPEN jumpers, even in the 4th quarter, though he was hitting most of them (KG?, Perk? Where were you?). And Rafer did real well considering Rondo was doing his best to harass him. Btw…Put Lopez on the Celtics and he could end up the 2nd coming of KG.

  • Celts can’t even use the back-to-back excuse-we actually didn’t get into NYC that late-it’s only a 30 minute flight..lol..I think these guys were just really laxed tonight against a terrible NJ team and it almost came back to bite them in the ass. They decided to play just enough in the 4th to pull a win out of their asses. RedsArmy said it well: tomorrow we should wake-up and just forget all about this one….

  • They can’t even use the back-to-back excuse. The flight to NYC is only 30 minutes so they were probably there by Midnight! I think it’s obvious they just were not motivated for this game at all. They played laxed and did just barely enough in the last quarter to pull a win out of their asses. I will take RedsArmy’s advice and GLADLY forget this one in the morning..lol

  • Nora

    Didn’t they play a game yesterday? That counts as a back to back, just with less traveling time.

  • Nora

    I meant they came off a back to back lol

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Ugh. I can’t agree more. These past 3 games have all been a chore to watch, but hey, it’s still Celtic Bball.
    And also, a C’s win AND a FEDOR win. I call that a nice night. 🙂

  • Lee in Oregon

    Painful. Too many games too soon. Hopefully Doc can get some practices in and reteach the offense cause it’s looked like crap lately. Ray finally hit a couple shots to bail them out but he hasn’t looked good.

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    Yes-they did..I was just referring to the fact that they didn't really get in at "the wee-hours". Boston to NYC is 30 minute flight….

  • orcfenix

    laker fan here. just wanna say that i’m glad to know our fans aren’t the only ones who bitch and moan after a couple of losses.
    seesh guys ur team has the best defense in the nba. they are just having a couple of bad games and i expect nothing less than a trip to the nba finals for this team.

  • why did KG even play? thats what i want to know…i think he looks absolutely awful…i really dont give a shit if he scored 20 against the suns, he still looked awful, and i dont think ive ever seen a less spirited game from the guy then last night…why even play him on the 2nd night of a back to back against a completly depleted roster and worst team in the league? he didnt nothing but slow us down imo…i really think if we would have played our d league roster we wouldve won by 30…something was seriously wrong with everyone on the celtics last night, talk about nonchalant…they looked dreadful.
    other then rondos full court defense on alston, noone played hard

  • even the coaching made no sense at the end
    rondo really was our only player playing hard and playing good (yeah his shot still looking awful i admit, but big fucking deal, every other aspect of his game is balling) and he sits on the bench down the stretch, if there wasnt a minor tweak of the ankle that made no sense whatsoever
    And im sick of this big 3 and rasheed talk, and KG being the face of the team…. there really is no big 3, its the big 2 of pierce and rondo

  • NineSevenEight

    As of right now, I’m going to chalk up this “play” over the last few games as the result of a dog tired team on the end of 8 in 12. I love Celtics basketball. But after watching them this last week, I can honestly say that I don’t wanna see this team until Wednesday.
    And someone needs to tell KG that if he’s going to keep taking jumpers FURTHER and FURTHER away from the basket (and missing)…like with his feet on the 3pt line…he might as well take one step back and try for a trey.

  • Sophomore

    Really a stunning regression for the Cs. The first few games, the composure and offensive execution were just gorgeous – as good as or better than anything I saw last year. And now it’s all gone swirling down the drain.
    I’m hopeful this is a combination of a lot of games in a short time plus not being in shape yet.

  • Thx homie. Cool to have a Laker’s fan come by an not be a total troll. We really hope for a C’s-Lakers finals too..see you on 1/31/10