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Your Morning Dump… Where Cleveland lost at home again

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them
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Riding a three-game winning streak, Cavs coach Mike Brown continued
to test some experimental options. This time, the results were simply
negative. It played into the hands of the Bulls (3-2), who hardly were
masters of execution themselves.

After using their new weapon, Shaquille O'Neal, effectively in
Tuesday's victory over the Washington Wizards, the Cavs went back to
stumbling. Attempting to work in some new offensive looks, the offense
was clunky, especially with O'Neal involved. They used some new
offensive sets and none of them seemed to produce results.

Then defensively, the mismatches created by featuring O'Neal and
Zydrunas Ilgauskas together ended up hurting more than helping. – Cavaliers test options on offense, but results come back with a loss

With the Celtics enjoying a day off before tonight's game against Phoenix, we turn our attention to the early struggles that have hit the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Last night, they lost to the Bulls at home… their second home loss of the season.  They are now 3-3… 2-2 at home, 1-1 on the road. 

But let's soak it up now because the Cavs have a whole season to figure this out.  The addition of Shaquille O'Neal changes their offense a lot because unlike Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Shaq needs to live 3 feet from the basket.  There's no pick-and-pop with Shaq.  In fact, there's no pick-and-anything with Shaq anymore.  He's too big and too slow now.  And so is the Cavs offense.  LeBron doesn't have the same room to work.  He needs to keep his big guy happy.  And let's not forget the whole Delonte mess which hurt them more than you'd think.

Cleveland is 3-3, and they'll struggle a little more between now and Christmas.  But I say enjoy it now, C's fans… because if they figure things out by December or January… nothing that's going on right now will matter.

After the jump… Page 2, Where Larry and Magic were on Conan

Thanks Jose3030 for the video

I love Conan asking Larry "your goal was to knock out Magic's teeth?"  and Larry saying "I thought they'd look good in my trophy case." 

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  • BigMck

    Bird is hilarious in that video, dropping one-liner after one-liner.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    The Cavs are not going to get any better if they hold on to Mike Brown. That guy is such a horrible offensive coach. Shaq makes this team mediocre and if he stays in the starting lineup that is all they are going to be this year, I guarantee it.

  • Cavaliers came crashing down to earth in last years ECF, and it seems to me alot of integral parts of that team lost a ton of confidence, shaq is old, the new wing additions look abysmal(so glad we got marquis and not moon or parker) James doesnt look one bit better then he was last year, there “glue guy” is bipolar and getting criminal charges pressed against him
    annnddd…theyve already lost as many home games as all last year
    and the most shocking development? the refs didnt didnt all simultanesously blow their whistle for lebron at the end of the game when he created minimal contact on Noah

  • Lakerhater

    Holy crap I agree with everthing you just said. Shaq ten years ago would have been dangerous. 2009 Shaq not much help, and by the time April rolls around he’ll be too tired to be any help.

  • Pao

    The Cavs lost their invincibility at the Q…