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Win a year of NBA League Pass Broadband

You want to watch any NBA game on line for free? 

You can… if you go over to Hugging Harold Reynolds and convince @ChrisIlluminati why he should be a Celtics fan.

You see… Chris needs a team.  And the person that convinces him gets the prize 

It's simple. Make me like your team. Woo me. Dazzle me. Show me your goods (put your zipper back up this is a family website).

What do you get out of all this? How about a Full Year Subscription of NBA LEAGUE PASS Broadband.

an email to huggingharoldreynolds(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject:
"Chris, you are a ______ fan now" and convince me to wear your team
colors, or shoot something in the comments section.

So head over there now and make your case.

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  • who needs it, when you can get any game online in the internet for free AND in about 24hrs download it in HD quality from one of the bball torrent trackers, for free also. (btw, if anyone needs invite to one of theese trackers, i think this is the perfect place to give them away)

  • Spiraea

    Ever heard something along the lines of “This NBA game may not be reproduced without the written consent of the NBA”? While yes, it’s not that hard to find a game for download or live streaming.. it’s not really legal either

  • Ever tried to follow all the Celtics games in Russia?;)

  • Spiraea


  • Да 🙂 Waiting until 4 AM for this one!

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Eh, I just split League Pass three ways. I can deal with that. 🙂

  • Christopher

    It’s always a good story of fandom… when I was in Guam for my Christmas break this last year I would be up at all hours to catch the Celtics and Patriots games. Definitely worth it.

  • Guam is one of my favorite places on Earth, I had the unfortunate task of escorting one of my soldiers killed in Iraq to his mother on Guam in Dec ’03. The Chamorro people were so friendly to me, never will forget it.