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Well… there goes the 82-0 season

Kg incredulous

Let me just say that I f'ing hate Jason Richardson.  I'm sick of that guy torching the Celtics.

JRich hit 6 of 7 3's on his way to 34 points.. and the C's lose for the first time this season, 110-103. 

This boiled down to shots taken behind lines:

  • Phoenix shot 13-24 from 3 and 23-30 from the free throw line.
  • Boston shot 4-18 from 3 and 9-18 from the free throw line.

That's a 62-21 advantage for Phoenix.  That ain't gonna get it done, boys.

There has been some banter about this over the past couple of days… but there's nothing like a loss to really highlight it:  The C's might be a little too enamored with the 3.  There was as stretch in the 4th quarter where the C's were jacking up 3's barely 10 seconds into the shot clock like they were the Knicks or something.  But they were down 4 at the time… and what they needed was quick points.  It's the equivalent of being down 5 runs in a game and trying to hit a grand slam.  Even if you do, you're still down.  What you need is numbers to go up on the scoreboard.

In the end, the C's got too caught up in playing Phoenix ball.  They didn't play the kind of defense they normally play.  The reason Phoenix shot so well from 3 is that they were all wide open… and the reason why the Celtics defensive 3pt fg% has been so good is that they contested a lot of those shots. 

Good lesson to learn early in the season. 

Box Score

If you're looking for any good news out of this… Denver lost too... so both teams that started the day undefeated lost.

By the way… Chuck called it in his preview:

The C's will lose ifThey
don't play defense on the three point line. As a team, Phoenix is
shooting 45% from beyond the arc. Nash, Jason Richardson, Grant Hill
and even Channing Frye can pull the trigger.

I highlight that for two reasons: 

1. Chuck is so rarely right, I have to give him credit when he is.

2. If Chuck knew that this could happen… why didn't someone on the court?

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  • Hats off to phoenix who outplayed and outhustled the celtics for 48 minutes, and also shot lights out
    This loss isnt on one guy, because noone played that good, just about every celtic played average, and the win cant be contributed to any specific sun..they all played hard for 48 minutes, guys like jared dudley, frye, nash, amare, dragic, amare and hill outhustled us all night and of course richardson is a celtic killer…and we still had a chance to win? missing 3s missing bunnys… playing mediocre defense at best
    celtics have some work to do, theyve looked average the last 2 games

  • look how much better the suns looked without Shaq
    amazing difference

  • DRJ

    Question: What do you deserve when you…
    – miss your easy layups,
    – miss HALF of all your free throws,
    – miss 78% of your 3-point shots
    – miss your defensive assignments, leaving opponents wide open, especially on the 3-point line, ALL GAME LONG,
    – allow your opponent to shoot better from 3-point land than you do from the free throw line (!!)
    – get outhustled 3 out of 4 quarters?
    Answer: Well, you deserve to lose.
    But even with all that, Cs could have won this game if the refs had not been so OBVIOUSLY one-sided. It’s a testament to this team’s strength and tenacity that they were in the mix and had a shot at this game, but for the refereeing.
    Nevertheless… that’s 3 games in a row that the Cs have stunk up the place. Every year the same thing happens. They win a bunch of games in a row and pretty soon they think they’re so much better than everybody else that they don’t have to hustle for their wins anymore. They’re ENTITLED to win, because hey, after all… they’re the CELTICS! Yeah, right. Let’s hope they take this game as one more lesson… sounded from the post-game interviews like they are.

  • Jason

    Are there really lessons to learn? These guys don’t already know how to defend running teams? Matching another team’s intensity? How allowing open 3s is a bad thing? Doesn’t it seem these professionals, especially this group of them should already know these things? Being only game 7 is not an excuse. It’s either “there are going to be a few of these nights” or “there’s something fundamentally wrong allowing for these underwhelming performances.” It’s now two straight games. Is it a trend or a couple of coincidentally timed aberrations? Because the reason sure as hell isn’t “it’s early.” This team is good at everything and should be able to dictate pace, style, whatever it wants on other teams. When it doesn’t for even any part of 48 minutes, it’s, well they (coaches and players) should be ashamed and embarrassed.
    And Perk and Rondo, congrats going 4-11 from the line. That really helped. Thanks.

  • Solid post and agreed

  • DRJ

    Small correction: “It’s now THREE games in a row.”

  • Eh…Perk and rondo arent to blame, i thought besides there missed fts they played better then anyone
    How about KGs rebounding? Pierces missed bunnys, sheeds 0-6 from three, ray allen getting abused defensively, eddie house looking hungover…team loss, no 1 or 2 player to blame

  • It’s very simple: they missed half of their ft’s, they had no answer for JRich (who KILLS us in the Garden every time), too many blown layups and 22% from behind the arc. End of story. 6-1, on to New Jersey.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    some of you guys are so damn spoiled. Its 1 game. It’s not a trend, i mean come on, this is the first loss of the season. No team can dictate pace and style every game every second, sorry its not possible.

  • nick

    While im a fan of Maruis Daniels and I thinks he’s done a decent job, he hasn’t really blown my socks off as the Posey replacement just yet, and I couldn’t help bu notice Matt Barnes had 18 points and 9 boards tonight in a Magic victory. Im not trying 2 overblow a loss, I just feel like we clearly and blatantly overlooked this guy and let him go 2 our biggest conference competitor. O well lets just win 9 outta every 10 and we have the all time wins record.

  • DRJ

    Actually, it is a trend. This is the 3rd game in a row where they’ve played pretty poorly. They were lucky to win the other two.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Bingo. We go 6-1 every 7 games and we’ll finish 70-12, Ill take that.
    The Suns are back to scoring as much as possible and forgeting about the D. Exactly opposite from us, and we got beat playing their game. We’re not going to win by 30 every game. Next.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Lucky to win by 31 points? Come back to earth man. Yeah, they played pretty poorly on the road on the 2nd of a back to back against a team that takes playing us like its the NBA Finals. AND WE STILL WON!
    We got caught playing the suns game tonight and thats why we lost this one.

  • Venus

    Trying to be like the ’85 Bears my ass. This team needs to get over themselves. I don’t care how many offensive weapons they have. Their offense isn’t enough to win games regularly period.
    Of all the nights to completely ignore defense it would be against the one of the highest scoring and best shooting teams looking to avenge two embarrassing blowouts last season. And did Peja lighting us up not teach them anything?
    What pisses me off is they’ll say the right things after a loss then fumble through the first half of the next game. Ain’t easy being green but at least we’re contenders again.

  • Nora

    What pisses me off is the unbelievfable whining after loss #1.

  • Christopher

    The biggest issue I had with this game was watching it with my friend who is a Lakers fan (his other attributes is the only reason I can remain friends with him) and having to hear a bunch of crap from him about how this is a sign of things to come.
    Whatever. I’m OK with an 81-1 season. No one’s perfect. Just rely on what makes us good, which all of the other commenters and John already alluded to.

  • Whats up nick, how’ve you been man?
    i have actually been pleasantly surprised by marquis, i mean i thought it was a pretty good signing by danny in the offseason, but i didnt really like his style of play, and i really kind of wanted a better three point shooter; in all i was mostly afraid he might be too tony allen like
    i couldnt have been more wrong, the guy is great for this team, he rebounds, he hustles, he plays good d, he drives to the hoop, and he has an exellent mid range game, and good post up game
    the magic jack up so many threes that barnes is able to get a lot more shots in that offense, i think in almost all phases of the game marquis is a much better fit on this celtics team than barnes would be

  • does anyone else feel like the suns, who during their hayday were one of the more lovable teams in the nba have sneakily become extremely hate-able?
    i was talking to my dad and brother about it, and we all came to the same conclusion, somewhere in between there last posteseason loss to san antonio and trading shaq for absolutely nothing they became a team i despise, i like to call it the steve kerr effect
    by the way, favorite play of the game was sheed’s sneaky tackle of amare where they were falling out of bounds trying to save a ball and it looked like sheed was going to fall and amare would possibly be able to keep his balance until sheed flares his right arm out and tackles him…. absolutely great

  • zauer

    I don’t think there were a lot of uncontested 3s, JRich shoot mostly with defender on him, he just made them anyway. Nash made 2 contested 3s as well. Of course there were some open looks, there always are, but normally teams don’t make them on such high %. Although remember one 3 that pissed me off, when KG just left Frye wide open for about 10 seconds in closing minutes (he finally got the ball and made a 3). But generally we haven’t been playing poor deffense last 2 games, Minnesota and Phoenix just played terryfic and made a lot of tough shoots. It’s frustrating when you trying to 2 cut the deficit, you defend well and guy makes contestet shoot anyway, and it happened on and on again last 2 games. Don’t overreact and enjoy the fact KG showed he still has it

  • Venus

    I’m not “whining” about a loss. I’m criticizing their play which does not reflect the identity they’ve chosen for themselves.
    It wasn’t one bad game that they lost. They’ve had 3 bad games in a row and squeaked out 2 wins. I don’t expect a balls to the walls effort every time but I expect at the very least decent 1st and 3 quarter defense especially against good offenses.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Ugh, losing doesn’t feel good.
    And I can’t agree more about Richardson. I hate that guy as well. It seems like every single time he comes to Boston he’s on fire. I think I heard Mike Gorman say he’s had six 30+ point games here. Come on, Paul!!

  • zauer

    It’s not Paul, it was Ray getting abused covering Richardson. And you know what? If Ray’s gonna continue playing deffense so badly it will be his last season in Boston. He was clearly weak link of our D. They just blew by him.

  • Jon with no H

    Rashard Lewis and Vince Carter are both not playing so you need to take Barnes’ stats with a grain of salt. If Ray Allen and Pierce were both out, I’m sure Marquis would put up some stats as well.

  • Jon with no H

    I use to really like the Suns with Barkley, KJ, Majerle etc., but now I have to agree. I like Nash and that’s about it. Dudley’s cool because he went to BC but it end’s there. I’m not a big fan of the “PHX” on their jersey either. So yeah, screw them. 🙂