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The Big 3 Things of the Week

week, we look at the Big Three things happening in Celtics-land, good and bad, and we rank them…
because we just learned to count to three and we want to practice.

On the way up

Ray darth maul2 1: Playing Dress Up  – Ray Allen shows once again that he's got a good make-up artist… and that he also knows a good lightsaber guy.    

2: From way downtown… Bang! – Rasheed Wallace is 2nd in the NBA in 3 pointers taken, and made. In the past week, he shot 10 of 20 from downtown. He is, what we thought he was.

3: Drinks are on Rondo – Finally… Rajon's got his new deal.  Shuffle up and deal, boys… Rondo can finally join the high-stakes games on the back of the plane.

On the way down

3: Bricklayers – KG shot 40% last week mostly on long jumpers.  Ray Allen shot 18% from 3, which is a slightly longer jumper.

2: Gidd-y up – The C's chose not to pick up JR Giddens' option for next season… making him an unrestricted free agent next summer.  Man, that class of 2010 just keeps getting better.

1: Beef – What should have been a nothing story somehow got dragged out for days.  Yeah, so Rondo and CP3 had a few words.  Big deal.  Although we shouldn't complain… it gave us an excuse to bust out some CP3 "classics".   

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  • Ray Allen shooting 18% from 3 is unnacceptable, and quite frankly annoying as shit

  • FSantos33

    18% is a horrible shooting percentage but everyone on the team is playing so well honestly I haven’t really noticed. Ray will come around and you know it man. KG on the other hand is a bit worrisome. From my observation KG is favoring his knee and it makes me nervous every time he touches the ball. I hope he will hold up through the marathon because he is the heart and soul of the Celtics. Gotta give our bench props! Sheeed, Daniels, House, BBD, and Williams can easily be starters on an average team in the NBA. Can’t wait to see Nash gets Rondo’d tonight! Ha!

  • I agree ray will come around, but he also still be as inconsitent as they come…I only get into this because of rondos haters constant discussing of rondos inconsistency whi..meanwhile 18 mil a year ray allen is shooting 18% from 3…and its not exactly the first as a celtic hes gone stretches doing this, hes done it throughout entire playoff series
    last game he missed 6 wide open 3s…just annoys me