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Barbosa and Scalabrine Will Miss Tonight’s Game

The Celtics will not have the services tonight of Brian Scalabrine. He's out with back spasms. Can somebody remind Scal that you have to use your legs when lifting a keg?

According to the Globe's Gary Dzen:

Leandro Barbosa (right wrist) is on the court right now shooting for the Suns, but the speedy guard is not in uniform and will not play tonight vs. the Celtics. Barbosa was averaging 15.7 points for the Suns, so his absence is a blow for the Phoenix bench.

That's a fair trade, Scal for Barbosa.

In other pregame notes, Glen Davis says he expects to return to practice on December 1.

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  • Who the fuck were the refs tonight id like to go new mexico state womens soccer on them
    a belated thank you to robbert horry for tackling that douchebag steve nash

  • aaron

    we played like fucking shit and deserved to lose. wallace needs to learn his role and stop shooting threes when we are down.
    pierce didnt show up and on garnetts best game we lose.
    rondo was outplayed by nash.

  • wow guys calm down
    sheed needs to learn his role? he played his role, posted up twice, played d and hoisted 3’s…whether we are down or not, thats his role
    the suns outhustlted and outplayed the celtics tonight and deserved to win, period.
    KGS game was overrated, he scored pts but his defense on the post and his rebounding have a long long way to go
    and is it suppose to be a shame that steve nash outplayed rondo? lol… its the first time in a while hes done that actually…2 time MVP by the way…besides the missed free throws rondo was the probably our best player…

  • NineSevenEight

    LMAO! Rondo should have ripped Nash’s hair from its roots! JK…
    Anyways, C’s were definitely outhustled. Missed TOOOOOO many layups..I didn’t think they took threes at opportune times…at least from what I was able to watch, especially when it mattered most. Not to mention the Suns were hitting….well everything under the SUN! And TOO many missed freethrows..poor 3pt percentage…voila! Ah well, can’t go undefeated. Beginning of a new win streak starts tomorrow night!

  • aaron

    not sure which game you watched. i am predicting it now. sheed (unlike what people think) psychologically hasnt accepted his bench role. clear as day as he’s hoisting up threes when they are down. i recognize that is somewhat his role but he needs to check down and look for open wings (he missed two open players and missed the threes subsequently).
    rondo at this point should torch nash. he has a step to a step and a half on him. nash was deserving of one MVP season, not two.
    i do however, completely agree that we were outhustled.
    they looked tired to be honest. back to backs down the stretch and long road trips will be an interesting test of this team throughout the season.
    as far as KG’s defense, i agree.