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Is Wally World shutting down?

(NSFW language in video)

It looks like Wally Szczerbiak's career might be over.

The unsigned Szczerbiak told The Post yesterday he underwent knee
surgery three weeks ago at the Hospital for Special Surgery in
Manhattan and is seriously considering retiring in the coming weeks.

The surgeons have told the Cold Spring Harbor product another knee
injury could affect his ability to lead a normal life because he lacks
enough cartilage in the knee after three surgeries

Wally was a pretty good scorer who could never stay healthy.  It's actually kind of a shame because there's no doubt he could have been a really good player.  He averaged 14 points a game over a 10 year career which was slowed by injuries.  If he was healthy, he could have easily tacked a few more points on that average.

Happy trails, Wally.

(Via Marcel Mutoni)

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  • Josh

    Bone on bone….