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Is that the Crazy Train I hear in the distance?

Ron artest

"I wanted to (choke Ariza) because he hit me with the elbow," Artest
said. "But then I thought about David Stern, and I thought I wasn't
going to do this. I got hit with three or four elbows. It's just not
fair. I don't want to fight."


You know who else didn't WANT to fight?  Dr. David Banner.  But he couldn't help it. 

And Ron… you won't be able to help it after a while either.  To quote Jeff at CelticsBlog

Tick… Tick… Tick…

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  • Lex

    Wow. Bynum gets injured and neither of us posts anything. That might be more of a slam than commenting on it!

  • It’s supposedly minor. Although nothing’s minor with that guy

  • bigmck

    Gasoft’s been out since the season started and we haven’t said a thing.
    The Celtics are so dominant, we don’t have time for the Losers.

  • jules

    i love the celtics but i think Garnett has some screws loose in his head…im just saying

  • paul

    yea such losers. i mean what kind of team wins the championship?