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I hate the Lekars too

RedsArmyAdmin November 5, 2009 Uncategorized 6 Comments on I hate the Lekars too

Lekars jersey

You think the team name is bad?  Check out the "CBA" logo above it.

Via TotalProSports

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  • Hey Joseph, I hear they also have a “Celdicks” one! Bwahaaaaa..!

  • bigmck

    Wait..I am confused. Did someone make this jersey? Or is there some type of minor league team called the Lekars????

  • I think this is what some might call a “bootleg”

  • baltimoresbest01

    As a Leker, I mean Laker fan I find this hilarious!

  • Orb

    That logo looks more like Darko than Jerry West too.

  • Lakerhater

    Actually, this is a cropped photo of Vucadick when he showed up for media day.