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Doc: Paul Talked More Trash Than Rondo

Doc Rivers on WEEI:

Did he cross the line with Chris Paul?

No, that wasn’t confidence. I don’t know what that was. Chris did an
interesting thing. I think he thought that he got under Rondo’s skin
during the game so he tried to continue it during the game. It was a
learning less for Rajon. After the game he even said, ‘I can’t let talk
affect my play.’ And it did in that game. That’s what players do. They
think they can get you in any way, they’ll do it. Chris Paul did it.

Everyone is portraying Rondo as the antagonist, but it sounds like he was responding to what Chris Paul was doing.

Which is fine. I told him, it’s a competition, and it’s great to
play in great competition, but once the game is over then the
competition is over and you let it go. I thought during the game it was
more Paul. That’s part of competition. But once the game is over, you
let it go. You shake the guys hand and say we’ll get you again.

According to Doc, Paul did most of the talking during the game and Rondo carried it too far after the game ended.

I knew Paul had to be the antagonist. Rondo can be cocky, but what we saw from him that night was out-of-character.

Case closed.

(h/t to reader rcry)

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  • Jason

    Yawn. This is no surprise to me at all since from the beginning I’ve been saying Paul’s an instigating punk and Rondo’s just not going to rollover and take it anymore. Rondo’s not innocent; he could have let it go. But now the message is out there. Don’t mess with me. I like it.

  • Jason

    BTW, off topic, the C’s will have played 27 games going into Orlando on Christmas. As Minny proved last night, every game is a potential challenge, but the only games that should actually be a legit challenge are 11/20 against Orlando and 12/3 at San Antonio, neither a back-to-back. So, the C’s (and us fans) could reasonably expect at worst to be 23-4 going into that game and possibly as good as 27-0.
    After another 10-0 after Christmas, their next challenge is 1/18 against Dallas. 38-0 at that point? Very worst case 31-7.

  • Coobs

    1 game at a time Jason, haha although I love your optimism! 7-0 looks great to me right now. Also, I hope we fly under the radar all season. I love watching the ESPN talking-heads//”experts” (what makes them experts again…? is it because they played in the NBA years ago and we didn’t?) try to construe every reason possible that the Celtics are not as elite as we Celtics fans have annointed them to be.
    Too old, seasons too long, one major injury away from mediocrity, not enough front court depth…yawnnnnn
    Keep posting those W’s Celts! I love this team!
    One cause for concern so far this season though: the starting unit uncharacteristically getting off to legitimately sluggish starts to open up 4 of the 6 games. In their championship run of ’07-’08, they were a strong 1st quarter club, and an absolutely RUTHLESS 3rd quarter squad, that put teams away early and often; yet I haven’t seen that killer instinct yet from the starting unit, despite the wins. However, once Ray finds his consistent stroke and KG stops hesitating with taking his patented jumper, I think we’ll see a revert back to the norm.