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This Guy Nearly Beat the Celtics


Meet Oleksiy Percherov, power forward for the Timberwolves. This guy dropped 24 points (9-14 FG) and 8 rebounds on the Celtics and nearly, single-handedly won the game. He was unstoppable. The T-wolves just couldn't get him the ball on their final possession.

Let's get to the play of the game: Celtics up 92-90, Minnesota ball with 6 seconds left. Corey Brewer drives to the hoop and gets swallowed up by Kevin Garnett. Refs call a questionable jump ball. KG is unable to win the tip clean (Brewer is 6-9) allowing the Wolves another possession, but Perk blocks Al Jefferson's prayer at the buzzer.

This one was ugly game. Words cannot describe. A picture of Amy Winehouse isn't ugly enough. That picture of Percherov isn't ugly enough. The Celtics shot 44% but it seemed like 24%. They allowed the Wolves to shoot 52% but it seemed like 72%. It was that kind of night.

Rajon Rondo (18 points, 6 assists, 3 steals) was the spark plug in the 3rd quarter (14 points) that allowed the Celtics to rally from an 8 point deficit.

Al Jefferson had 11 points in the first quarter, but was relatively quiet the rest of the night. Perk brought his A game for his buddy – 13 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks.

Bottom line: a win is a win, no matter how ugly. If the Celtics are going to play this bad, it might as well come against one of the worst teams in the league.

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  • LMAO…hilarious write up…well done.
    not much to say other then this was a very poor performance by the celtics, and the wolves played out of there heads including that ugly bum perchov..all in all a frustrating game, but ill take the win..
    why have these wolves been so damn pesky for us in recent years? lol, theyre annoying

  • Nora

    Because half the team used to be on the Celtics…lol. That is the only reason I can think of.

  • Even though KG shot poorly, he had some great assists and that tip on the jumpball at the end was key. But how about Perk?! 3 blocks, 13 pts. 6 and 0? Hell yeah.

  • Even though KG shot poorly, he had some great assists and that tip on the jumpball at the end was key. But how about Perk?! 3 blocks, 13 pts. 6 and 0? Hell yeah.

  • curious

    What’s up with the box on rondo’s back? Is he wearing a wire? Is he an undercover Laker? Is he a Rondobot? Somebody please get to the bottom of this.

  • jrose in va

    simple case of playing down to the level of your opponent. ill take the dubya, lets step it up against phoenix friday.

  • DRJ

    AP headline: “Garnett helps undefeated Celtics past Wolves.” Proof that those guys don’t watch the games they report on.
    I remember KG missing everything except maybe 1 or 2 shots. I’d go through the DVR to prove the stats wrong, but can’t bring myself to look at that POS game again.
    It looks like signing Rondo was a good move after all. He’s playing hard all the time now. Even his FTs were 2-2.
    In the middle of the game, I asked if the Cs could win a game where EVERYBODY sucked. The answer is apparently yes, they can. (Though to be fair, Rondo and Perk had themselves pretty good games.) This bodes very well for the season. Their D is so good, they can win games where nobody really steps up, and most of ’em are playing like crap.
    Small down-note: KG vs. 6’9″ Corey Brewer on a jump ball was essentially a tie. Though his movements seems fluid and normal, it looks like the return of KG’s hops is still a work in progress.

  • you cant count big al’s or gomesy’s points against us, they are practically blood, so essentially it was a 31pt blowout; thats how i see it anyway

  • I watched this game in Russia with Russians (International League Pass Broadband), they were getting so mad nobody could stop Percherov, since he is Ukrainian. I have found that any team with a Ukrainian – Russians hate. Ugly game – but a win is a win.

  • haha I think i was getting as mad as the russians when Perherov was scoring for the simple fact this guy shouldnt even be able to compete or score on any of our big guys and he was the star of the game, best player on the floor
    and I agree with DRJ above about “Kg helping the celtics stay undefeated” being unwarranted.. I think KG was awful last night, i think it was the least inspired game ive seen him play, maybe in his career..
    and I know he had a a double double, but in his prime KG would have had at least 25 rebounds last night…ive noticed he doesnt even grab half the boards he wouldve before…yeah he gets the ones that fall to him on a silver platter, but this guy couldnt even get up and get a goddamn rebound over percherov last night.
    As for Rondo…eh i thought he had a bad first half, but really came out better in the 2nd…this kid has got to figure out sooner when its time for him to take over, if the big 3 are playing as terrible as they are, hes got to be more aggressive to score, period
    ray allen missed 6 wide open 3s…I dont think anything pisses me off more

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Ha, look at that Perk/Hollins pic. Perk is basically a head under him, but their finger tips meet the same point. Freak arms.
    A couple times a season there’s a C’s game that is so damn sh!tty you want to change the channel. F the Celts, I showed true heart last night finishing that piece of shit.

  • thetitleisours

    Glad to see DOc kept every by PP under 40 minutes even with the game on the line. Honestly I could care less about 70+ wins. Would rather be strong for the playoffs

  • Orb

    I’m concerned that whatever that was last night had something to do with it being a back-to-back. We’re going to be seeing a lot of those coming up, so I’m hoping it was more of a play-down-to-the-Ukranians than two-night old-legs weariness.