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LeBron to LA? It will never happen


Via Bulls.com blogger Sam Smith:

The obvious reason this never gets discussed is no one can see James hooking on with Bryant. I really cannot understand why not.

How good a team would that be with Bryant, James, Pau Gasol and
Lamar Odom? Supposedly it would look like James searching out a place
to win a championship instead of lifting his team to one. Allegedly a

But Bryant is 31; James is 24. Bryant has probably three really high
level seasons left before some sort of a transition. It was the
transition Shaq could never accept and why I think the Lakers dynasty
broke up. Not because of Kobe. But because Shaq refused to be viewed as
a supporting player to Bryant, and the Lakers understood that. So they
traded him. Clearly the right move.

The Lakers are no sure thing to win the championship with the
Celtics healthy and the Magic deep. But you add LeBron and it’s hard to
imagine anyone beating them the next three or four years.

No way, no way, no way.

Despite what Smith says, LeBron joining the Lakers is akin to LeBron saying – "I'm not good enough to win a title on my own, I need Kobe's help."

The egos are too big to co-exist. Maybe if Kobe was a few years older, in a declining stage of his career.

The Lakers don't have the cap room to outright sign James during free agency. The only way this could happen financially, is through a sign and trade. Smith throws around names like Bynum, Artest, Farmar and draft picks.

Enough with this fantasy…. although watching the Celtics beat a LeBron and Kobe tandem in the Finals would be the greatest thrill in sports.

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  • Yeah. I can’t see the Cavs ever trading Lebron no matter what the circumstances. The franchise would always be remembered as the team that traded away Lebron before he was even in his prime. Not to mention that the Gasol trade caused some NBA personnel to come out and say WTF. Can you imagine the backlash the Cavs would get if they gave Lebron to the Lakers (and yes, trading Lebron for anyone at this point is giving)?

  • Tollbooth Willy

    Sam Smith is the same jacktard who kept speculating that the Celtics would trade Paul Pierce to Chicago for a pupu platter of their scrubs, or to Minnesota for KG.
    He really is the prince of pointless personnel prattle.

  • Sheldon’s Fivehead

    i’d like to see lebron go to LA, but as a clipper and via free agency. he’d have a pretty solid supporting cast out there, and an LA rivalry would be great for the nba

  • gordbillybob

    0% chance of this happening…..Lebron would be a laughing stock in he agreed to play with Kobe.
    But I love the idea of him going to the Clippers and reviving the seemingly forever doomed franchise.

  • that’s the sweetest alliteration i’ve seen on the interweb in a while. well done.

  • beachbumla

    LeBron, being a product of Ohio is likely to stay where he is. However, if he does go somewhere, I’ve heard it from multiple sources, it’s likely to be the other coast. NYC. No, not the NY Knicks, the Brooklyn Nets, whose stadium is only weeks away, and a lawsuit or two, from beginning construction.

  • G4L

    I know this is random but Congratz on over 1,000,000 views

  • Im with bird on this one. bron needs to stay in cleveland

  • Uncle Leo

    You can bet that if the cavs dont win this season then there is absolutely no way Lebron will stay in cleveland. The only place he would consider going for the prime time of his career is to a place where he knows he has a very good chance to win and to a team with good young talent, money is of little issue. You basically have three options; bulls, miami, and yes the lakers. Personally I think its Chicago, there is no better fit for him.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Clippers would be a nice place for him to cement his legacy. Big market, some young talent AND if he can win a championship there (Staples JV squad), automatic HOF lock.

  • fah3210

    Well lets be honest here, in the NBA you cant really become immortial unless you play for either the lakers or the celtics, with the exception of MJ ofcourse. so I would really think he has three options at this point, Lakers (Which sounds as the best deal if you really read through the whole thing) then comes boston which almost has the same attractions as LA then staying in cleveland because even if he goes to NY (either team) he will still be in a terrible team and it will take years for them to be a legit contender. But as the article that can only happen if the cavs agree to a sign and trade.