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Danny… reach out to Sam Jones

Sam jones

FanHouse sat down with C's legend Sam Jones for a wide ranging inteview.  Check it out here… but here's the one part that really stood out.

FanHouse: You ever go to see the Celtics play?

Sam Jones:
"No. It's a new regime, new owners,
new management. People ask me why I never go back. I tell them, `I
don't go places where I'm not invited to go.' I won't push myself on
anyone. It doesn't bother me at all. You work for someone, and when
you're finished, you're finished.''


FanHouse: It's hard for me to fathom this disconnect
between the Celtics and guys like you who made the franchise what it is
today. Explain.

Sam Jones: "We don't have reunions, so there is
no connection between the old and the new. There is no follow up on
history. If you don't want to be bothered, then I don't want to be
bothered, either. I have my peace of mind."

Danny… I know you've got bigger things to worry about than the feelings of aging for Celtics.  But reaching out to Sam is the right thing to do.  Part of being a Celtic and a fan of the Celtics is the history.  He's a big part of that history.  Let's find a way to bring him back.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    What’s up Wyc?
    Sam is a fantastic guy. He had family in my childhood neighborhood and Sam was always extremely gracious and took time to say hi and sign autographs when a bunch of us kids showed up. I’m surprised and dissapointed about some of the comments he made. It’s not Danny’s job to plan reunions, I put that on the ownership.

  • CFH

    He said the same thing in another interview last spring, didn’t he? I’m suprised that the Celtics didn’t send him out an engraved invitation at that time.
    There was a break from the past during the Pitino days, but the current regime generally seems to be very good about having former players in to hang out with the team or just watch a game. “There is no follow up on history” seems patently untrue overall… but I hate that he feels that way.

  • rvr

    this is at odds with what we see with guys like tommy being such a big part of the franchise, and then guys like hondo, russell, jo jo, and others at playoff games and everything. i’ve had the impression that there’s a strong connection between past celtics and the organization. if jones has a different experience that’s strange, and i hope someone has reached out to him, or does soon. to me, this is one of the greatest things about the team, all the legends that are still around and the sense that there’s a continuity to the tradition of greatness.

  • GlassHalfFull

    Sam Jones prime playoff stats (for those w/ no clue, he has 10 rings):
    age G PTS REB AST
    1961-62 28 14 20.6 7.1 3.1
    1962-63 29 13 23.8 6.2 2.5
    1963-64 30 10 23.2 4.7 2.3
    1964-65 31 12 28.6 4.6 2.5
    1965-66 32 17 24.8 5.1 3.1
    1966-67 33 9 26.7 5.1 3.1
    1967-68 34 19 20.5 3.4 2.6
    Props to the original iceman.