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Your Morning Dump… where the Paul/Rondo thing won’t die

Rondo paul faceoff

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So, here was Rondo surrounded with an embarrassment of point guard riches – K.G., Paul Pierce(notes) and Ray Allen(notes),
a championship banner and a fat, new $55 million contract. Rondo felt
emboldened, eager to engage Paul. The procession of trash talk, sources
said, pushed into the personal when Rondo was heard to tell Paul, “I’ve
got a ring, and you’re never gonna win one.”

As they traded technical fouls at the Boston Garden, as emotions
escalated, sources said Rondo declared that Paul wished he could be
him, suggesting that his frustration dripped with envy. On the way to
the locker room, Hornets coach Byron Scott heard Paul insist that Rondo
“is gonna respect me as a man,” and soon Paul started on his way down
the corridor to tell the Celtics point guard himself.

Several coaches prevented Paul from getting close to Rondo outside
the Celtics’ locker room, but the overriding theme of Paul’s rage was
easily understood: Before you talk trash again, feel free to walk a
mile in my Brand Jordan’s.

“If Rondo had to trade in K.G., Pierce, Ray and Rasheed for the guys
that Chris plays with [in New Orleans], I guarantee that you wouldn’t
be seeing Rondo get a $55 million contract,” one Hornets source said.

Adrian Wojonarowski: Paul's frustration goes, even if he hides it

Rondo is coming across as a big league jerk in this situation. Paul must have said something to him or engaged him in some trash talk. He also might be extra sensitive right now (read this). I'll give Rondo the benefit of the doubt, but fans across the league and the national media won't, especially when they factor in the Kirk Hinrich/Brad Miller incidents from last year's playoffs.

As for that last statement by a Hornets source, he's right. But that applies to a lot of guys. Tony Parker wouldn't have championships and an actress wife if it wasn't for Tim Duncan.

On page 2, Doc's funny take on the whole Chris Paul/Rondo showdown…

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

“I proposed to the refs that if you’re under 190 (pounds) you should
let them fight,” Rivers said. “Just let them get it out of the way.
They can’t hurt each other. It’s impossible. That would be great, and
it would be good entertainment. Then we could move on and play the

Steve Bulpett's Celtics Notebook

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  • rcry

    Extremely biased Adrian Wojonarowski article. And can someone explain to me why what Rondo said was “personal”? Winning rings, being on a championship team as opposed to a bad Hornets team – aren’t these all basketball related?

  • PutDJintheHall

    Its good. I miss the days when teams and players hated each other. I would never want to see anyone get hurt over it. Its kind of lame how all the guys are friends now. I miss the old Detroit VS Celtics days where they were just tearing each others heads off. Lakers too for that matter.
    AND I don’t care if Rondo was a “meany” to Chris Paul. Paul is currently the best point guard in the NBA and Rondo is trying (WILL) to take that title away from him. How is that bad for a Celtic fan? I just don’t get it.
    I love Rondos attitude, don’t want it to change at all.

  • GlassHalfFull

    methinks Rondo got under his skin on purpose. And CP3 or whatever he annoints himself got a little po’d. Good. Take him out of his game. Say more next time, Rondo, make it MORE personal.

  • Dave Cowens

    Trash talking is part of the game. Get over it.

  • Danno

    Chris Paul is an overrated pussy. Guys like him, Lebron, Wince Carter, Tracy McGrady, etc. have ruined this league. They took it’s balls and stepped on them.

  • JD

    The NBA, where everyone outside of Boston hates Rajon Rondo… happens.
    Seriously, though, first everybody thinks he’s gonna be a weakspot and suck, then when he turns out to be good, he’s turned into a bad guy by the media.

  • slimgoody

    This is getting out of hand. I agree with DJinthe hall up there. Who cares if the rest of the NBA likes him or not? I don’t. He plays hard and it got a little personal with Chris Paul. Big deal. When did the NBA get so soft?

  • Danno

    “When did the NBA get so soft?”
    When Ron Artest punched out a fan at the Palace.

  • Jason

    As I said in a previous post, CP’s a Napolean complex punk that’s always acted superior to Rondo and every other PG in the league. He also instigated the double techs. Rondo’s not going to just let CP do whatever he wants anymore and I love it. Put that midget in his place. Get under his skin like he loves to do to everyone else. Rondo’s stepping up his head games on top of the rest of his game. He’s sick of being the afterthought of top PGs and is going after his opponent with everything he has ever night. It’s awesome. Suck it Chris. Get a ring (you’ll need two after this year) and then maybe you can carry Rondo’s jock.
    I know Doc preaches maturity, but I don’t mind at all that Rondo’s fully consumed with competing and if it’s spilling off the court a little, it doesn’t bother me in the least. It fully seems he wants to destroy the league and it almost feels like he’s trying to do it “merely” by averaging 12 assists, 5 points and 3 steals this year (and he can because he has the contract and doesn’t have to worry about his scoring average). I’m excited for what he’s going to do this whole year.

  • who da guy

    chris paul never won in college, in fact he lost in the second round of the ncaa tourney, and that it is not a coincidence.

  • slimgoody

    Well played.