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Now on TruFan: Millions of reasons for Rondo to chill out

Rajon Rondo is taking a lot of heat for a nothing incident with Chris Paul.  I mean, the league is even looking into it for some weird reason. 

But why?  I try to answer that on TruFan.

Depending on who you ask, Rajon Rondo is somewhere in the top 5 among
the league's point guards.  And while I love his fire… and I love
that he takes nothing from anyone… it's in his best interests to
channel it a different way.  If he truly wants to be an "elite" point
guard… and get all the perks (read: endorsements) that go along with
that… he's got to chill out a little.

Rondo's a young guy who still has a lot to learn.  And part of getting
a huge contract like this is becoming more mature and representing your
team, as well as yourself.  The Chris Paul incident was not Rondo's
finest hour, but it's also not a big deal.  Yet.

Rondo CAN be one of the faces of this league.  He CAN be a guy who makes a ton in endorsements.  But as long as people have the inclination to take someone else's side rather than his in incidents like this… he won't.

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  • How emasculating. You can’t talk shit to a star anymore without it being an international incident. People need to harden up

  • Yeah, people might be a bit sensitive… but that doesn’t change the image Rondo is developing. It’s really going to cost him money down the road

  • Spiraea

    To steal a line from Tommy Heinsohn, it’s all about kissing the ring. Even tho it’s been apparently noted that CP3 doesn’t have one, he is a star.. a face of a franchise, and Rondo.. outside of Boston.. isn’t. At least not yet. I’d take Rondo over Paul anyday personally but in the face of the general NBA public, there’s no way Rondo will win this argument over Paul at this time.
    Simply put, more people are inclined to take Chris Paul’s side because of his stardom

  • Orb

    I’m not real worried about RRs endorsement deals, the 55 million over the next five years may take the sting out of that (plus the $20 they also get for lunch when on the road). Everyone doesn’t need a sneaker deal and a video game. Rondo’s focus should be on rings, not his marketability.
    And bring on the hate…

  • Lakerhater

    Eat Sh*t cp3, if you didn’t have espn hyping the crap out of you, you wouldn’t have gotten your pay day either. I agree Rondo shouldn’t get too big for his britches, but I would take him over cp3. No he can’t score as much – but he’s a better rebounder, defender, creates offense for someone other than himself and most important…he’s a helluva lot tougher than cp3. And toughness matters in the playoffs, its saves you from being embarrassed by hoobles up teams like the Spurs.

  • Lakerhater

    I meant hobbled. Oh and while I’m at it your shoes suck to cp3.