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Just to fan the flames

RedsArmyAdmin November 3, 2009 Uncategorized 19 Comments on Just to fan the flames


Hey… if people are gonna pick on Rondo, we're gonna defend him.  And in this case, defending him involves a .gif of CP3 flopping like someone shot him with a 12-gauge and a video of him charging after Matt Bonner… followed by Tim Duncan telling him to "calm the f— down"

He's not all THAT innocent.

Thanks to Jeff at Project Spurs for the material.

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  • Yeah I kind of want to hate Chris Paul for being a prima donna, but the NBA panders to these dudes so they’re equally responsible in my mind.

  • CP3 better listen to TD since they’re both Demon Deacons.

  • Hey guys. Look as a Spurs fan I can tell you this, Spurs nation has zero love for CP3. Aside from the flop of all flops and TD getting in CP’s ear, there is also his nut punch to Bowen and he constantly whines to the refs when Parker burns him.
    So here is to hoping Rondo or any Celt knocks him on his ass in the next BOS v NO game.

  • DRJ

    So now we’re searching archives for something/anything that makes CP3 look bad?
    Rondo’s attitude is pretty annoying. His overweening self-confidence is over the line. I liked him a lot better when he was making $1-2m and working to make a name. I think CP is probably right in that Rondo does not understand how lucky he has been to be on this team… the one place in the NBA where he could actually be a star. Because he’s way too deficient to be a starter on most other teams. A point guard who can’t shoot and can’t hit FTs… pretty funny.
    Is there anybody who would not take Chris Paul in a trade for Rajon Rondo, in a heartbeat?

  • Mike Gorman did point out early that CP3 looked like a pissed off kid during the game. The dude is fierce and lit up rondo in the second half with relative ease. Rondo needs to chill though he aint the man yet and even I could be a decent pg with the squad he’s got. Love rondo but I dont like the early attitude having said that he doesnt cause problems like that with anyone else in the league well aside from hinrich. Small issue that im sure the big 3 will handle in due time. At least we dont have Lamar Odom and Artest those dudes are nuts and gonna be poison this year in LA.

  • We’re just having some fun here.
    I wouldn’t take him in a heartbeat. He’s better than Rondo in many ways…. but Rondo’s a much better defender.
    On this team, with these players, I like Rondo better than CP3.

  • bigmck

    Duncan’s reaction is priceless. Like a father preaching to a spastic teen.

  • Nora

    It is showing the CP3 is not perfect either and people should lay off Rondo. What is wrong with that? Nothing. Why are you trying to protect CP3? LOL

  • Nora

    Well, Celtics seem to think different considering the contract they gave Rondo.

  • JD

    DRJ I’d say you’re comments can be kind of annoying sometimes.
    “Because he’s way too deficient to be a starter on most other teams”
    Really!!?? Are you joking right now. there are less than ten teams in the league where Rondo would not start right now, thats a fact. Sure he has deficiencies, but he’s a such a great creater and defender, plus he’s an underrated scorer, as evidenced by last year’s playoffs (without KG, remember that). And his outside shooting deficiencies are completely overblown. Given more consistent shot opportunities on a team with lesser players, Rondo would show you that his shot isn’t half as bad as you think it is.
    Secondly, ROndo recognizes that he is lucky to play with the Big Three, did you not catch his quote at the end of the last game?
    Rondo: “”We have different styles based on what each team needs,” Rondo said. “He (CP3) has to do a lot more than what I have to do. My job is easy playing with these guys.”
    And you clearly do not understand sports if you think that you have to be humble to play. Rondo NEEDS to think that he’s the best in order to play his best. Paul Pierce says he’s the best player in the league, when he’s not even in the top five on most people’s lists (including mine). But whether he’s right or not is beside the point. The fact of the matter is, you have to be cocky to play in this league, or you’re just not gonna be very good.

  • KY Celts fan

    Of any other team in the league, Spurs are the guys I respect the most. Personally, as much as I love beating the Lakers, a Celtics/Spurs finals would be ideal for me. I think the teams match up very well and have a lot of similarities. of course it would probably be the lowest scoring finals in history since both teams are defensive beasts.
    but think of the matchups:
    KG vs. TD
    Rondo vs. Parker
    Ray vs. BatManu for most 3’s in a series
    Sheed vs. Dice in a former Pistons battle
    Perk vs. Blair in a battle of brawn
    I love the thought of a series between these two.

  • I love it-people are FIRED up. That’s why the Celtics have the best fans…You can clearly read Timmay’s lips: “Calm the f*** down.” Nice. 2 1/2 hours to tip-off.

  • AMEN, brotha.

  • There’s no use in comparing the 2 PGs– they’re obviously very different. CP3 is at his best in half-court sets using a high pick-n-roll. Rondo is at his best in transition, on fast breaks, and in half-court sets.
    CP3 is a decent perimeter defender but struggles with quick players. Rondo is a great perimeter defender with better hands and better anticipation and a better rebounder.
    CP3 is quick. Rondo is really, really, really freakishly athletic.
    Nevermind. You can compare them.
    I’d much rather have Rondo as my team’s PG.

  • KY Celts
    It would be an epic battle but you forgot Doc v Pop.
    Yea I have no beef w/ Boston. I rather see them win it all over LA that’s for sure. Besides Spurs had some long winning streak against Boston in recent yrs.
    I bet it it is BOS v SAS then Stern will shoot himself.

  • DRJ

    We pretty much agree on most of the issues. I know we’re half kidding here, and we all know that Rondo has a ways to go, and that he knows it, etc.
    I just do NOT like it when one of our guys says “I’m the best in the world”… and in Rondo’s case, then goes on to make a public ass of himself. Makes me cringe. Didn’t like it when Paul said it after #17, didn’t like it when Rondo said it. Besides being so clearly untrue, it’s really stupid.
    As a fan, I want to support guys with high character. That’s probably the primary reason I’m a Cs fan in the first place. Guys like KG and Ray. But of course, I forget… many of these players are just kids, still growing.

  • Yea BOS and SAS fans have a common foe……Lakers. As a Spurs fan I refused to watch their ring ceremony.

  • Jon with no H

    after last year’s playoffs, many people soured on KG’s character with his constant taunts from the bench. If I wasn’t a C’s fan I probably would’ve thought it was pretty dumb too. You can find a fault with mostly everyone. Embrace the cockiness and enjoy the W’s

  • Yo DRJ, it doesnt exactly take a long search through the archives to find chris paul flopping, crying, punching people in the nuts, and flat out complaining for 48 minutes on a basketball court…its called watch him on any given night
    rondo is not the annoying one here, whats annoying is the pedestal chris paul is put on by people
    and no, i wouldnt want chris paul on this team killing our team ball movement, sorry but i wouldnt want to watch “cp3” dribble the ball between his legs for 20 seconds looking for his own offense, or passing it off to a guy who has no time for another pass on a team like the celtics
    cp3 is also the most overrated defender in the league…who exactly can he defend, besides nobody?