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How Rondo’s deal breaks down

Woj has the numbers:

Annual breakdown of Rondo's $55 million deal:

'10-11: $9.09 mil
'11-12: $10.04 mil
'12-13: $11 million
'13-14: $11.9 million
'14-15: $12.9 million

The $9.09 million help alleviate some of the luxury tax hit… but the C's can fill out a good roster next year.   They've got 6 people under contract for sure (Pierce, KG, Sheed, Rondo, Baby, Perk).  I see the team packaging Scal and TA for a longer term deal by the deadline to fill a gap and make it 7.  Ray Allen will be re-signed to make it 8.  Split the MLE into two pieces to bring in players 9 and 10.  Also, this is Eddie House's 3rd year with the team… so they've got Bird rights on him if they want to re-sign him this summer to make it 11.  And then you can fill out the last few spots with veteran minimum guys and draft picks.

The C's are going to take a luxury tax hit next year no matter what.  Might as well keep the band together and see what they can do.  If they need to give Marquis Daniels part of that MLE next year… or all of it… then fine (we'll see how we feel about that later).  Paul Pierce could, theoretically, not exercise his option next season and take, say, 3 years, $39 million rather than the $21 mil. next year and then whatever.   That saves the C's $7 million in his salary plus another $7 million in tax hit.  Pierce gets guaranteed another $18 million in the deal. 

The bottom line is, they have the tools to make another run.  The window doesn't have to close this season.

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  • G4L

    I really don’t think Ray Allen will be the Celtics next year. I have a hunch that the C’s will go after Mike Miller. Doc coached him in Orlanda and really likes him.

  • G4L


  • nick

    A.J. (Sioux Falls, SD)
    How ridiculously deep are the Magic? They were missing 3 starters and still handled Toronto. So much for needing time for that team chemistry to build.
    Chad Ford (1:21 PM)
    They are the best team in the league. They have depth, post play, outside shooters, veteran leadership and an excellent head coach. Sorry Laker fans, this is the Magic’s year.
    Now it used to be John Hollinger but now its this little fag from Hawaii who talks like a str8 up fool. How could he mention L.a and Orlando without Boston? we are clearly better than both…Fucking retard

  • Double P Reppin the B

    good I like that. Keep us cruisin under the radar. People will find out whose year it really is in the playoffs 🙂

  • AboveTheRim

    I don’t think Ray Ray will be back next year either. Gonna win it all this year, take 2 Rings in 3 yrs and Wyc will cash in on Championship merchandise to alleviate the $90m payroll this year and then let him walk.
    Obviously i hope they resign Ray but I don’t see them going “overboard” with the luxury tax again.

  • Jason

    Outlaw’s also a free agent. Love Ray, but he’s also a great shooter, younger, longer, much more athletic. Could be a young piece to add without losing much if anything on the floor.

  • TA for a longer term deal. Yikes.