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Your Morning Dump… where Rondo ain’t goin nowhere

Rondo hornets

League sources said the extension is for five years and guarantees
Rondo at least $55 million. With the two sides facing a Monday deadline
to get a deal done, Duffy said he called Celtics president Danny Ainge
on Sunday to inform him Rondo was prepared to play out his contract and
become a restricted free agent next summer because they weren’t
satisfied with the team’s previous offers. Ainge, however, surprised
Duffy by responding that Rondo’s contract hopes would be met.

“As much as we were willing to wait his contract out, the Celtics
stepped up to the plate to meet the original request,” Duffy said by
phone. “This is a really fair contract. We wanted him to be paid like
one of the top five point guards around. It also allows the Celtics to
maintain continuity to continue to be one of the best teams at this

Yahoo Sports – "Celtics give Rondo $55 million extension"

There you go.  We, and almost everyone else, has been saying $10 mil. a year was a fair number.  He's getting $11 million.  And our contention that this deal was always going to get done turned out to be right. 

“I think he's learning,” said Allen. “He's starting to learn, not
knowing the philosophies, he's learning how to handle being
professional 24-7, being professional not just when you go out and play
basketball, it's community, your community work, how you deal with your
teammates, how you deal with your organization, it's how you deal with
everything. And I told him that's what encompasses some of the best
players in the league making some of the money they make because you
have overall responsibilities, not just you being the best basketball

Ray Allen on Rondo learning how to handle himself off the court, in Jessica Camerato's piece, Rondo's education in playing through contract questions.

Let's hope he's learned something.  Now comes the next step:  dealing with the added expectations.  The comments after bad games will be inevitable… "This is what we're getting for $11 million a year?"  It's going to happen, because it always happens.  Let's see how he handles it.

After the jump, Page 2: where Rondo and Chris Paul exchange words

“I don’t know, man, they won, that’s all. It was a good game,’’ Paul said. “When you’re winning [you can talk trash].’’

told he looked upset, Paul, hardly drawn in by the questioning, said,
“I just have that expression on my face sometimes. I’m a funny guy like
that. I was talking to [Pierce and Ray Allen]; somebody came up to me.
I don’t know.’’

Globe: Rondo, Paul make their points… loudly

“The game was a good game, though. We fought hard. Whatever happened
afterward is that. Me and Paul at the end of the game were just
talking. I know Paul real well. I know Ray Allen really well. I know
his family. Rasheed (Wallace), I know him and his kids. I’m good
friends with all those guys.”

Chris Paul, in the Herald's Points of contention

Rondo didn't talk about it after the game… but he's the guy who escalated it at the end.  And I honestly can't decide if I like it or not.  No, I don't want Rondo instigating anything… but I want him to have that fire.  It needs to manifest itself differently, but it needs to be there. 

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  • Congrats to rondo, more then deserving (obviously)
    and lol@ chris paul this obnoxious little carlton banks clone who is constantly overrated…he may have put up nice stats last night, but it wasnt very idicitive of how he played, he was average out there…but normally rondo does outplay him more then that…just sent him into a chris paul hissy fit this time around

  • Danno

    It’s like G-Rondo-Hogs day.
    Rondo saw his contract, and we get 5 more years of ToTheRuins acting like Rondo is better than Michael Jordan. LOL.
    Seriously though, I’m glad they got it done. He’ll be worth it, and 5 years isn’t a ridiculous deal. You don’t need that kind of unnecessary added distraction when you’re trying to win a championship.

  • This is mind boggling to me, they didnt get enough of a discount to sign him before free agency next year, if i was danny i definitely would have waited
    this pretty much kills our cap room for next year, because instead of only having rondo’s 2 mil or so count against the cap while going after free agents, he will now take up 11 mil of cap space
    might as well trade scal and tony for posey and try to assemble the best team ever and win in this window, because our cap space is efffed until the big three our gone
    all that being said, im still glad that rondo is going to be a celtic for a long long time

  • GlassHalfFull

    The signing makes a ton of sense when I look at Rondo’s skillset. Without his elite quickness, he is no where near a $10m/yr guy. For the next 5 years, until he is what, 28 (?), unless injured, his elite quickness WILL be there as he is in the prime of his athletic life. He CAN go out and drop 10 and 10 with 2.3 steals and maybe 6 boards a night. And lead this team to win after win after win. Once his elite quickness goes, he won’t be 1/2 the player he is now. When does that happen? Late 20’s/early 30’s ? What’s the shelf life for cant-really-shoot-but-can-do-everything-else point guards? Maybe he truly develops the outside shot as these next 5 years go by and can compensate for his athletic skills dropping off as he gets older, I hope so – man that would mean even more of a value to this contract – but until then, he is worth every penny they signed him for. And the Lakers STILL have no one to check him.

  • G4L

    I also thought the C’s would have gotten Rondo at a cheaper price but I’m not one to complain. I’m just glad it got done. Now its time to lock up Perk. I think if you sign him now you can get him at around 10-11 million as well. If you wait longer on him he’ll get more expensive

  • Rondo is better then Jordan?
    nice attempt at trying to bait me into an argument…is that all you do now?

  • I think they felt like they got him at less then what he would be offered by the end of the season, obviously or they wouldnt have done it
    and this isnt what kills our cap room, that would be KG and Pierce, the signing of sheed, rondo is the guy we want to sign, im not understanding the pipe dream of making rondo play for way below his market value in hopes to give some other guy money…locking rondo up now makes sense

  • Ryan (UNH)

    Celtic’s sacked up bigtime and giving into what Rondo was asking for. They knew if they wait til the end of the year and he put up a season of 10-10-7 and 2 steals then he prolly wouldve gotten more than 11 mil from teams looking to spend big next season.
    This signing could still easily be a huge steal compared to some of the deals we are bound to see come next offseason.

  • rvr

    count me as bothered by the rondo/paul dust-up after the game. i love it when rondo has fire, as you say, but there’s been so much talk about maturity lately, and he starts something after the game? that, combined with his talk before the game, does not embody maturity to me. a very important component of maturity, in my book, is humility. look at a guy like ray, who represents the ideal of professionalism, i think. he completely lets his game do the talking, and never has a bad thing to say about other players or coaches. there are plenty of other guys like that in the league, and i hope rondo learns how to be one of them. he’ll be compared to other point guards and rated based on how he plays, and that’s all he needs to say when asked if he’s the best, in the top 5, whatever–“you can judge for yourself when the games are played”.

  • Sheldon’s Fivehead

    every article on cp3 talks about how he hates to lose, no matter what hes doing. although its a good quality, its adding up to the point where paul is a little bitch if hes not getting his way. i dont blame rondo for saying anything

  • Slimgoody

    I don’t know whether Rondo doing this was a good thing or a bad thing but I hated Chris Paul’s reaction. I cannot stand the hands in the air bitch out that he did. Followed by the lobbying with Pierce and Sheed that he is completely innocent. Just makes him look soft.

  • Jason

    I’m really surprised everyone’s on CP’s side of this. CP’s a punk with a Napoleon complex. He dominates the ball, dribbling in circles around the lane and when you are behind him he jumps back towards you to get a foul. Fortunately last night the refs weren’t baited by that BS move. He acts like he has a chip on his shoulder even though everyone associated with the NBA tea bags him. Maybe because he keeps playing for underachieving teams and Rondo’s on his way to his second ring already. That double T was instigated by him. He was riding Rondo off the court while Rondo was trying to release.
    Could Rondo have let it go? Sure, but I love that he went up to him. CP’s been baiting him, acting superior and now is on Rondo’s turf with his teammates and Rondo was sick of it. He led his team to victory over CP and went and marked his territory instead of just letting CP feel he has the freedom to do whatever he wants. Hell yeah. Be the BMOC Rondo.
    Btw, big congrats on the contract. Glad he’s locked up. Glad this won’t be a distraction all year.

  • KY Celts fan

    was that it?
    I’ve been waiting for someone to post the video of Rondo/Paul. That’s the first I’ve seen of it and frankly I think everyone is blowing it out of proportion. it didn’t look like much of anything at all to me.
    On the other side, I’m happy to see Rondo will be in green for at least another 5 years! by then he’ll be 28, at his peak, and probably our franchise player if we don’t pick up Durant in a few years (fingers crossed). So when it comes time for another contract, he’ll probably be worth $18 million a year.

  • DRJ

    We all wear green-tinted glasses here because we’re all homers for the Cs. But the plain truth is that to be an “elite” PG in the NBA you must be BOTH (a) an excellent distributor, and (b) a great shooter. If you have 1/2 of those two requirements, you are not “elite”. You might be good, you might even be near-perfect FOR THIS TEAM… but you’re not great or elite. That’s where Rondo is right now. So long as he’s not a threat from outside, he’s not in the same category as Chris Paul or Williams or Parker.
    So I think they overpaid. No other team would have stepped up with more $ next offseason, because of Rondo’s obvious deficiencies. But I guess they felt they’d end up within 5m-10m of this number anyway, and wanted to lock him down. I would have waited for the market to speak.

  • redStoolsArmy

    so passing and scoring make you an elite point guard. it has nothing to do with leadership, consistency, defense, or playmaking ability right?
    if there was one trait an elite point guard does not necessarily need, i’d say its shooting. that’s what the other guard position is for.

  • DRJ

    “Elite” means one of the best. You can’t be one of the best if you’re not a threat from the perimeter. Doesn’t mean you can’t be good, doesn’t mean you can’t be great on this team. It does mean you’re not in the elite. Rondo might develop his outside shot… he has been improving. But he’s not there now, and so he’s in the category just below “elite”, right now.
    Put it this way: If you put Rondo on some other team – like the Hornets – that team would end up near the bottom in this league. Rondo is great with the Celtics. But he has too many deficiencies (jumper, FTs) to be a true elite PG.
    Hey, it’s ok… we’re gonna win it all anyway. On this team, Rondo works almost perfectly.

  • redStoolsArmy

    i don’t agree with pretty much any of that, other than his free throws needing to be improved. point guards and centers do not need a jump shot to be elite. and if you put rondo on the hornets they would be just as good (which isn’t very).
    rondo distributes that ball beautifully, plays elite defense, and is a playmaker. that makes him elite in my book.