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Scal’s the new logo

RedsArmyAdmin November 2, 2009 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Scal’s the new logo

Scal logo You call Jerry West "the logo" all you want… I think it fits Scal much better.

In case you missed it last week…'s Page 2 put out new versions of every team's logo… and here's their take on the C's.

Makes perfect sense.  Scal's essentially the team mascot anyway.  Seriously… instead of tossing some tiny gymnast out there in a "Lucky" costume to do flips and stuff… why not throw Scal out there during timeouts?  Wouldn't that get the crowd MUCH more hyped? 

Here's one half of Page 2's logoshere's the other

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  • KY Celts fan

    that Denver logo is hilarious! best of the bunch!
    I don’t get the Charlotte logo. any one care to explain it to me?

  • It’s a ping pong ball… as in they’re always a lottery team

  • Danno

    Scal’s not the fucking mascot.
    guy played solid minutes for us last year and took 3 concussions like a champ. I’m with Donny Marshall on this one. All the Scal jokes and insults are stupid bullshit.

  • KY Celts fan

    Ah, I see. I thought it was a cue ball, so it just wasn’t clicking.

  • BringBackVitaly

    ^co-sign w/ danno,
    scal should be immortalized as a celtic at minimum for being the only player i have ever seen take that many concussions, and still play and contribute wearing a goddam headband as protection against f***ing death.
    f**k espn for that wack shit.

  • Oh come on.. lighten up. We’re the first to defend Scal over here when people say he sucks.
    But that doesn’t change how fans see him. They don’t love him because he’s a great player. When Scal steps into the game and he shoots the ball… the Garden is DYING to explode… why is that?
    It’s just some good natured fun. You don’t think he gets his balls busted in practice for shit like this?