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Celtics MVP? How about Wyc Grousbeck?


Take a look at great pro sports franchises… and take a look at crappy ones.  Chances are you'll find one common thread:  The success of a franchise usually hinges on good ownership.

And good ownership usually means (a) the willingness to spend money and (b) the willingness to hold players accountable for their actions.

We've seen the latter in action when Wyc publicly scolded Glen Davis for the altercation that led to his broken thumb.  Message sent:  The man who cuts your checks isn't happy with you.  Shape up… or you'll be somewhere else, fast.

As for spending money?  That's never been a problem for Wyc.  The Celtics committed to almost $30 million worth of contracts this summer with the Rasheed Wallace, Glen Davis, Marquis Daniels and Shelden Williams signings. 

The salary cap this year is $57.7 million.  The luxury tax is $69.92 million. The Celtics payroll is $84.2.  Toss in the dollar-for-dollar tax this year, and the Celtics are shelling out about $100 million for a shot at Banner 18.

So you'd probably understand if Wyc Grousbeck got a little gunshy with the Rajon Rondo negotiations.  I certainly would have understood if Wyc and company played a little "Restricted Free Agency" chicken with Rondo and rolled the dice on potentially saving a few million next year. 

But Wyc didn't

"And I said, 'Danny, I don’t know if we’re gonna move,'" [Rondo agent Bill] Duffy said in
a telephone interview Monday. "'I respect where you're coming from. If
you have any other thoughts or ideas, I'm open to it.'" You have
to give him credit. He stuck with it."

Still, no substantive talks took place until Sunday, when
Duffy called Ainge to let him know Rondo was prepared to play out the
scenario and hit the restricted market next July. According to Duffy,
Ainge told him he'd ask owner Wyc Grousbeck to sign off on the
five-year, $55 million deal, which was being finalized Monday

So Danny made his pitch… made his recommendation… and Wyc trusted him enough to sign off on the deal. 

Another $55 million in committed salary.  And that's with Ray Allen's status still hanging out there.  And 6 other roster spots opening up on top of it.  The Rondo deal will almost certainly mean the Celtics start next year over the cap before those 7 spots are even filled.  So the Celtics are going to have to spend even more than that to field a team next season. 

We're looking at, potentially, one of the most dominant teams in Celtics history this year… and it's because Wyc Grousbeck was willing to spend the money to get key guys in here.  And we're looking at moving forward with a one-of-a-kind point guard because Wyc was willing to pay the kid enough to keep him in town.

Sounds like an MVP to me.

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  • With Rondo getting all that money i think its clear that danny has to become a little creative in injecting youth into this teams wing position over the next couple of years
    whether he can find a steal in the draft, which doesnt look likely at the spot we will likely be drafting at and danny has been uncharacteristically bad at drafting wings
    one way to solve this is to package our number 1 with big baby and see if memphis will take that for rudy gay, who has disappointed in memphis and is having problems fitting in with their team (might be mark of good character if you ask me)
    another way is to wait until the end of the year and try to use big baby to move up in the draft, or try to take a flier on a young guy with good potential in free agency next year, gay could again be an option seeing as how he is a restricted fa after the year

  • NineSevenEight

    Looks like Wyc will have to cut another check for the fine David Stern is going to hand down for those “gang signs” he’s throwing up.

  • Brian Pahlm

    The guy is just the type of owner we need. He runs by my house in the morning . One day I was getting in my car and had on my celtics jacket with the 17 banners on the back and he said, Hey I’m Wyc owner of the celtics mid stride. I was in shock for a second and said I love what you did with the team.

  • Great post.

  • Eli

    We need a “like” button. Great post

  • So on point with this post. What a reward it is for us to follow a team this good after sticking thru the bad times for so long. Now if only Jeremy Jacobs will sell the Bruins to Wyc then the Bruins will be back for good!

  • You could always go over to Ballhype and hype it up.

  • It does all start at the top. Wyc appears to understand like Henry and Kraft that winning in Boston = higher top and bottom lines. The same can not be said for Jacobs.
    The C’s took a big risk bringing in Allen, Garnett and it paid off. Wyc and company should be commended for those moves more than inking Rondo since we continue to fill up the Garden and the team has relatively new media deals.