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Rondo has to cash the check Perk’s mouth wrote

Rondo paul Chris Paul is pretty much regarded as the best point guard in the league.  Rajon Rondo, however, doesn't seem to be impressed.  At least… if you believe SI's Chris Mannix

Perkins just told me that Rondo said "Chris Paul has the stats that he
has because he has the ball in his hands all game." Yikes

Whoa… since when is Kendrick Perkins the "mouth off to the reporter" guy?  And we're tweaking one of the best players in the league?  HornetsHype sums it up nicely:

This is terrifyingly like poking a dragon with a stick. OK, the Hornets
look like a massive work in progress still, while the Celtics already
seem to be clicking the best out of the potential title contenders in
these early days of the season. So it’s not like we’re expecting a huge
victory Sunday, or anything. But the fact remains that you don’t poke a
dragon with a stick. It breathes motherfreakin’ fire. It’s not
I’m not saying the Hornets are going to come out and win this game,
bulletin board material or not. I’m just saying if they do, the Celtics
will know who is to blame

What else can I say but… bingo. 

The Celtics defense is good.  Damn good.  But you don't need to give one of the best any added motivation. 

But then again… it's gonna set up one hell of a battle between Rondo and Paul.  We might have one of those "neither guy can stop the other" type battles brewing… which will at least make for an exciting game.

Oh, and Chris Mannix?  I'd tread lightly the next time you come across Kendrick Perkins… unless you're absolutely sure he was cool with you tweeting that.  Yeah, maybe Perk needs a refresher on what "off the record" means… but that sounds so far out of Perk's character, I find it hard to believe he was telling you that in a "go ahead and print it" kind of way.

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  • nick

    he really is better. better athlete rebounder defender he’s faster and they are equal at getting to the rack, rondo gets more steals and just as many assists. Ya paul scores way more points and he’s a better shooter, big deal he dominates the ball for a 500 team out west. Give me Rondo any day

  • Alex

    Chris Mannix is an idiot sometimes.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Sorry man but you have no idea what you are talking about. Paul leads the league in steals, has the past 2 seasons. Hes a much better shooter, and if not better atleast an equal passer as Rondo. I would take Rondo over almost any PG in the league, but Chris Paul is not one of them. I love rondo but damn, if you put Chris Paul on this team, they might not lose all season..

  • DB

    Since when are the Hornets or Paul a “dragon”? Who fears them beyond a game? Did I miss when they’ve established themselves as an elite team?

  • Danno

    Perk is absolutely right though. Chris Paul has fabulous numbers because he does handle the ball all game. It’s also why they aren’t a very good team.
    Reminds me a little of Iverson in that respect.

  • Nora

    Why should players need extra motivation to play their best. Esp. Considering the ridiculous amounts they are paid?

  • what he said is the absolute truth, and not really a knock on CP3
    i see it as more of a shot at the rest of the hornets team, because they are pretty much saying that if chris paul is not doing everything they have no chance
    anyway this team is going to talk A LOT and id like to think they are going to back it up WAY more times then they arent

  • KY Celts fan

    IMO, money can be motivation in a contract year, but any other time you get paid the same whether you play good or bad. Whether Pierce shoots 14-20, 8 rebs, and 3 steals or 4-18, 2 rebs, and 0 steals, he still gets paid $600,000 a game.
    Basketball is a game about ego. If you play for a bad team or are going up against a bad team, you just might not care as much.