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Your Morning Dump… featuring Rondo’s 16 dimes

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them
here… highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite
as satisfying a good morning dump.

“We do those (television) interviews in the third quarter, and (the
reporter) said that he only took two shots, and I said, ‘Yeah, but he’s
the most dominant player on the floor right now,’ ” said coach Doc Rivers following the Celtics’
118-90 win over Chicago. “I thought he controlled the game with his
speed. He took only two shots tonight, and someone will read the stats
and say, he only had two points, and if you didn’t see the game you
wouldn’t know the impact he had on our team tonight.”

Boston Herald: 'Dominant' Rajon Rondo in giving mood

“There was a time where he kind of
picked and chose,’’ Rivers said. “If it was Rose, he was really up.
[Now] he’s just been up. And he’s been that through practices . . .
He’s just playing now. He’s not, ‘Oh, tonight we have Rose.’ It doesn’t
matter the opponent. He’s just playing his game and doing it, being
very solid.’’

There was a
stretch of three straight possessions in the third in which Rondo found
Ray Allen for a long jumper and a pair of 3-pointers, and Allen said,
“It’s weird because I never really felt like he had the ball at all.’’

Boston Globe:  Big Bullies

I like Derrick Rose and I think he's gonna be a stud in this league, but he was outclassed last night.  10 points, 2 assists, 2 turnovers isn't going to get the job done.  While Rose looked a little confused by the Celtics defense out there, Rondo had Bulls' defenders basically doing pirouettes.  When they clogged the middle, he spun and found guys on the perimeter.  When they tried to hop into passing lanes, Rondo knifed through and found guys at the rim.  He did whatever he wanted.  The last line in Ray's quote shows how dominant Rondo was.  Rondo dominated the game and he barely had the ball… he barely scored… and he barely played 30 minutes.  That, my friends, is scary good.

After the jump: Page 2… where Ray passed Stockton

“I had no idea,” said Allen. “It definitely is a great feeling.
Stockton played, what, 18, 19 years? He’s a Hall of Famer. I watched
his induction. To be able to be in that company, you think about all
the years, all the shots that I’ve taken – not the ones in games, but
the ones I’ve taken off game-time in practice.

“It all seems worth it, because it stands for something at the end
of the day. People look up and you’re somewhere amongst greatness. So I
like to keep pushing.”

Herald: Ray Allen sneaks up on Stockton

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  • Jp

    I’m being serious here, so please no smart asses. Was that first one really an assist to KG? Does the NBA record those as assists.

  • one of the nicest assists couldve gone to perk from an around the back pass, perk was suprised and missed a bunny… rondo can be dominant with his passing ability…its a beauty to watch, he made it simple as can be for everyone out there last night

  • BigMck

    I dare you to find another blog or web site with an edited package of Rondo assists. I dare you!
    Well done, John.

  • BigMck

    Yes, you can get assists when passing to a player and he takes a jump shot. I thought the assist was negated if the shooter made a move, though…and KG did make a bit of a move there.

  • redStoolsArmy

    awesome game, awesome performance, awesome start to the season. i find it ridiculous that people can look at this team and not call them the best in the league. the celts are head and shoulders above the rest of the east at this point. i know it’s early, but with the talent they have they can be one of the best of all time. and i seriously believe that.
    where are the laker trolls this morning? it is still early, i’ll give them some time. must hurt being beaten by THE GERMAN! at home too.

  • Jp

    Right, I got the jump shot part. Just the two dribbles and a fake. Appreciate your response. Just trying to stay up on the stats.

  • I have supreme confidence in this team winning a title, but you do know the lakers dont have Gasol right now, also I think the Magic will have alot to say down the road
    A little early bro

  • Eli

    Love the video package. Really good quality too. Keep em coming, def puts Reds Army head and shoulders above the competition lol

  • redStoolsArmy

    i don’t agree, BRO. this is the same team that won it all 2 years ago plus more. a team that played crappy for the first 2 months last year and still went 27-2.
    what does gasol not playing have to do with anything? does it not count as a loss? i said we are head and shoulders above the east, the lakers are the only team that can match up with us in my opinion
    the magic are worse than last year because they can’t cause the match up problems without turkeyglu. vince carter is already doing his injury thing 2 games in. i like our chances.

  • redStoolsArmy

    wasn’t there a post either over the summer or last season about the scorer for i think a steve nash game? he gave him 22 assists and said it would be on sportscenter, and a bunch of them were very questionable. point is, it’s all a judgement call.

  • Not gonna lie… I wasn’t sure if that was one of them, but it was. That one was shaky and probably a homer call. But I think the rest of them were assists.

  • Spiraea

    That pass made me jump out of my seat and press rewind on the DVR. Simply amazing, shame Perk didn’t finish so it would have counted

  • KY Celts fan

    my favorite part of the video wasn’t all of Rondo’s dimes, but Sheed laughing with glee on sidelines about the clinic we were putting on!