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Shelden vs. Artest… who ya got?

The Celtics signed Shelden Williams for just under $2 million this year.  The Lakers are paying Ron Artest about $7 million per year for 5 years. 

So it stand to reason that Ron Artest is coming out of the box hot and showing Lakers fans that he's ready to finally help a team win it all.

Oh Wait…

Yeah yeah…. I know it's early.  But it's fun. 

Say LA… how'd that game go last night?

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  • Spiraea

    So far this season, on the nights that the Celtics have played (and dominated).. either the Cavs or Lakers have lost their game on the same night. Sure, it’s only three games into the season but like you said.. it’s fun 😛

  • FSantos33

    Shelden looks comfortable on the defensive end and I love the way he is rebounding the ball D & O. I am not expecting much offense out of him except making some free throws, grabbing loose balls and O-rebounding. Definitely a steal so far. If Shelden keeps up doing a good job then it will be interesting to see what Doc would do when Glen Davis comes back.
    Ron Ron on the other hand is having a tough time fitting into a new system. He looks lost so far. If he still looks lost after twenty more games than L’s will be very concerned.

  • I’m sure things will change down the road…. but you’re right… Ron isn’t quite getting the hang of it yet.
    Same with Shaq in Cleveland.

  • FSantos33

    If Shelden plays better and better; what do you think Doc would do when Davis comes back? Think Ainge might package BBD/TA or Scal for an impact player?

  • Tollbooth Willy

    Where are all the Fakers trolls today?

  • DRJ

    Shelden’s hands are not going to get better and better… they’re pretty stony, and that’s something that doesn’t improve. You either have good hands or not. Powe has great hands, and even BBD’s are pretty good. Shelden’s are not. Too bad. He’ll always be a 3rd-team-level player.
    But would still rather have Shelden than Artest… at least he’s smart, works hard, and has a decent shot. Artest is over the hill. Very bad idea to give Ariza away for Artest. Almost as bad as the Cavs getting Shaq. I also thought that Carter would not come anywhere near the value Hedo had for the Magic… but that’s yet to be seen.

  • Jason Of Mass.

    Please… Give me Artest

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Shelden….the new Powe?? Wouldn’t that be fuckin money!?