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Happy Halloween Part 1!

RedsArmyAdmin October 31, 2009 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Happy Halloween Part 1!

Celtics superheros

Brilliant illustration from Boston Dirt Dogs (Via Loscy).  Very fitting for Halloween, wouldn't you say?

Why is this post called "part one?"  Because Chuck is putting together "part two" as we speak… and I think you'll like it.

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  • nick

    I told everyone 2 things this preseason..
    1. The Cavs are gona fucking suck, and sorry but beating the wolves and probably the bobcats tonights doesn’t change that fact
    2. Shelden Williams will be HUGE 4 this team. Just pay up because the LANDLORD is coming mothafuckers. give him that cash on the 1st and 15th unless u wana get beasted on. I honestly think he’s a big upgrade over Leon Powe, which is saying a lot considering we NEDED Powe during our title run, during this ears title run is Big Baby is healthy we may not even need The Landlord

  • paul

    honestly those characters match the personalities/characteristics of the players so much haha

  • Spiraea

    KG and Sheed are the best XD but why is Ray’s head so HUGE?!