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Your Morning Dump… featuring the return of the Bulls

Rondo rose It's a new feature here on Red's Army:  Your Morning Dump.  Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as satisfying a good morning dump.

"They seemed more like rounds in an Ali-Frazier fight than games in an
NBA postseason series, and that’s only entry-level hyperbole. The buzz,
be it truth or short memory, was that it was the best ever first-round
playoff series and among the best series altogether.

"…The stakes won’t be as high. The Bulls (minus Ben Gordon) and the
Celtics (plus Rasheed Wallace) won’t be the same teams they were last
April. But don’t be surprised if the atmosphere is similar

  Globe: Celtics vs. Bulls: Next in a Series

"Perkins, however, wonders if that means tonight’s game will carry added significance.

'It does and it don’t,' he said. 'You have two different ballclubs.
Obviously they’re different without Ben Gordon, we have some new
additions. KG’s healthy and he’s playing.

'I just feel it will have the same vibe from the playoffs, but not the exact same vibe. But the intensity will be high.' "

Herald: Bulls not just anOTher team

Ah, those nutty NBA schedule gods, who send the Bulls on Friday night onto the same famed
parquet floor where last season's white-hot, seven-game, first-round
playoff series unfolded.

"That's a day on the calendar I've been waiting for for a long time," Bulls center Joakim Noahsaid. "KG is back, a crazy atmosphere in Boston. And, obviously, they're playing very well."

Chicago Tribune: Bulls eager for rematch with Celtics

After the jump: Page 2 – More time for Rondo talks.

Rondo drive bobcats "With negotiations still open between the two sides, the Celtics and
Rajon Rondo will have more time to work out a deal than they had
originally planned.

The original Oct. 31 deadline to extend players in the fourth year
of their rookie contracts was pushed back to Monday, according to
league spokesman Tim Frank. Per the collective bargaining agreement,
should the date of the deadline fall on a weekend or a holiday, then it
would be moved to the next business day.

A memo from the league earlier in the week informed teams of the change."

Globe: More time to talk

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  • Lex

    “The only thing that stuck with me (from the playoffs) was Game 6 and Game 7 of the Orlando series,” Perkins said. “I felt we should have won Game 6, and Game 7 we just gave up. Those are the only two games I think of from the playoffs.”
    I don’t remember who took exception to my suggestion that the Celtics didn’t really try in game 7 against Orl. Hopefully whoever it was sees this quote from Perk.

  • BigMck

    Ah…the morning dump. Most people take newspapers or magazines into the bathroom with them, but John takes his laptop.

  • YourDaddyFromOTOWN

    Game 7 you just gave up? Didn’t really try? Why would they try and play out of their minds to take it to a Game 7, then just quit? Please… you just got smacked around by the much better team. Just like you will this year. You were lucky to even be in that series.
    And once again, it’s the Magic in the East this year…then there’s everybody else. We’ll let you and the Cavs battle for the 2 seed.

  • FSantos33

    Don’t nobody come in here for 30 minutes… leave the window open dammit

  • redStoolsArmy

    hah alright bud. have fun with your cancer that is vince carter. the magic had the benefit of match-up problems last year thanks to turkeyglu, now the C’s cause the most matchup problems in the league, along with having the deepest talent. magic won’t win 60 games this year.

  • NineSevenEight

    Well just pretend the Celtics were at full strength in the playoffs like you seem to think. Funny, I don’t think Celtics fans remember it that way. Pretending is fun! Keep eating your Play-Dough.

  • AboveTheRim

    Great idea and segment but too bad I can’t take my desktop to the “porcelain office.”