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This Week’s Big 3 Things

We're unveiling yet another new feature on Red's Army. 

week, we look at the Big Three things happening in Celtics-land, good and bad, and we rank them…
because everyone else is doing it and we're very easily swayed by peer

On the way up

1:  Our expectations
We all talked a big game, but there's something about beating Cleveland on
their court and then bitch-slapping Charlotte that is so…
intoxicating.  Oh, and Cleveland is 0-2?  Shoooooooot….. what's our
magic number?

2: "Get that $h!t outta here" – It's the
Celtics version of someone saying "bless you" after a sneeze… they
just do it now after every blocked shot without thinking about it.  And
there have been a lot of those.  De-FENSE!  De-FENSE!

Sheed fro
3: Sheed's Fro – He teased us by going natural in the season opener.  That thing was glorious.  C'mon Sheed.  Fro don't lie.

On the way down

3: Oh Baby
– Growing up's a bitch, ain't it Glen? You've now got 8 weeks to clean
some things up in your life.  And you though waiting for a contract
this summer was bad.

2: Sign on the dotted line – Danny,
just sign the damn kid, will ya?  And Rondo, you're not Chris Paul….
yet.  You get that kind of bank in your next contract.

1: Hold the Sugar
– I get it… foul trouble, injuries, and an epic season opener against
Cleveland add up to big minutes for Ray Allen.  I just hope this is the
last of the excuses.

Thanks to Jose3030 on Twitter for the Sheed pic

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  • stoolFool

    so the nba extended the deadline to negociate with the 2006 draft class to monday? i was just looking at that draft. as of now, i’d call rondo the 3rd, possibly 2nd best player to come out of it, behind brandon roy and maybe lemarcus aldridge (nice draft portland). the celtics really did their homework for it.

  • thetitleisours

    2-0 and many guys out with injuries. Not too shabby
    We need House to take more of Ray’s minutes

  • nick

    I told u guys cleveland was gona suck