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That really got out of hand fast

The first quarter of tonight's game started to feel like last year's playoffs all over again.  The Celtics looked like they were trying to take control of the game, but the Bulls were doing that thing they do…. flying in for offensive rebounds, flying everywhere on the court…. to stay in the game.

Then the second quarter happened, and the Celtics outscored the Bulls 29-18 to take a 50-35 halftime lead.

And then the third quarter happened, and the Celtics put up 38 points to take a 30 point lead and turn a highly anticipated rematch of what's widely considered one of (if not THE) greatest playoff series' of all time into a laugher that shows the very wide disparity between these two teams.

Some numbers of note:

  • In 29:55 of play, Rajon Rondo dished 16 assists and grabbed 8 rebounds.  He only took 2 shots, yet he had total control of the game. Oh… and only two turnovers.  That's 5 turnovers in 3 games if you're keeping count… and I am (so is Rondo's agent, I'm sure).
  • Ray Allen played 23:17.  Which means I can step back off the ledge.  He shot 7-9 and scored 20 points.  Yeah, he got hot.
  • Paul Pierce: 5-7 from 3… and 8 more rebounds.  Pierce has been chomping glass so far this season.
  • The C's defense is ridiculous.  Look at these numbers from the Chicago side of the box score:  41.2% shooting, 13.3% from 3, 19 assists-15 turnovers.  The scrub vs. scrub battle is the only reason Chicago scored 90 points. 

And how's KG's knee you ask?  Here's your answer:

Cruise through the box score.  Check out Eddie House's numbers… Shelden Williams' numbers… and Marquis Daniels' numbers all came in that 2nd quarter breakout run. 

In fact, we should take a second to highlight what Quisy did.  Early in the game, the Celtics were in a ton of foul trouble and it could have gotten bad.  But Quisy and the 2nd unit just came in and rolled the Bulls.  Rolled 'em. 

This bench is gonna destroy teams on a nightly basis.  Book it.

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  • Jason

    Very nice write-up. You hit a lot of important points including the tight start (Bull’s boards and FTs keeping them in it)), the fact the Bulls clearly aren’t in the C’s league and the bench stars. This could have been even more out of hand early as Quisy, Wallace, KG, Pierce and Perk combined to miss about 8 good baseline looks from close range. Then again, don’t expect to hit 7 3s in one quarter very often.
    I agree about the 90 points. I wish it could it have stayed under 80. But it was a very high possession game, so 90 isn’t that bad.
    Excellent and very enjoyable game. Next!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    They seriously are punking teams. I love it!!

  • Does Bill Simmons want celtics fans to think every waking moment about kg’s knees and the effects the injury and wear and tear from all the games he has played will have on them, it seems like that is the only thing he talks about anymore
    I wish that are young guys would be a little more aggresive in garbage time, they seem to play a little tenative, why not watch jr and lester jack 15 shots in 2 minutes when we are up by thirty with 5 minutes left instead of eddie and rasheed?
    sheldon williams looks like a solid pickup, love the jumper he hit in the fourth
    rondo’s two points came on a really nice jump shot, thank you mark price
    the alley oop that kg missed when simmons was on the air was not missed because kg didnt jump high enough, the pass was slightly off and kg mishandled it, it wasnt that he didnt get there
    i think that if danny could swing a trade of big baby and a 1st rounder for rudy gay at the trade deadline it would be a move that would pay off this year and years to come, it would also make the decision to resign allen a much easier one, because you add youth that you can go with forward and are able to ride out our current regimes championship window

  • Cool16

    Im a Laker fan but i gotta say that was some great basketball that the Celts showed today, while in LA my team had a bad shooting night and got fucked oh well we still have 80 more games to go anyway again Great basketball by celts today i just hope this guys stay healthy and lakers too so that both teams can meet in the finals.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    2 things. The kg oop that he missed was because he doesnt have his lift, sorry to say. Two years ago he would have flushed that easy
    and I would rather see them go after youth this offseason with the nice free agent class. Someone like Amare stoudemire? If you lock up Rondo, get amare, and Pierce restructure for a 3 yr @ around 15 mil per then we could sign ray back for cheaper and be looking good for a younger team to build off as well.

  • why the hell would we sign amare? there is this little fact that we’ve got perk rasheed and kg signed for the next 3 years, so why would they sign an injury prone big man who plays absolutely no defense?
    trading big baby for rudy gay would give us a good young swingman who is currently still cheap, and pretty much would not change our cap situation at all next year because he will be a restricted FA
    then we can look at using our cap space in a way that will keep our current window open as long as possible while easing the transition to life after the big three
    PS there is no way that we can sign a max deal, or anything close to that and bring back allen and pierce, its not possible
    and unless we include allen in a sign and trade swap there isnt anyway we can keep pierce and sign anything close to a max deal
    we currently have 54 mil on the books, the salary cap is 57 mil or so, at best pierce could opt out and take say 15 mil for the first year of a new deal that would leave us with 8 mil to sign someone, but we would already have to renounce rays rights to clear space
    so the best thing i think to do is to get gay, a young promising wing man who will help our current team and transition, and try to keep this teams window open as long as possible

  • Nora

    Explain then the one he didn’t miss in the video

  • DRJ

    – KG missed the oop because he was trying to do it one-handed, and the pass was a little high and hard. His hops look like they’re all the way back.
    – Shelden is good in many ways. But… the man sadly has hands of stone. Not as stony as Mikki Moore’s, but pretty rocky. For that reason, BBD is a lot better suited for the 2nd team than Shelden. Cs will get EVEN BETTER when Davis returns… scary, eh?
    – JR looks lost out there. Nervous? I dunno, but unimpressive for sure.
    – Lester’s not doing much either in the PG department. Dribbles the ball up the court and passes off. Sometimes he shows a flash of brilliance, but pretty inconsistently. Hope the kid wakes up.
    – They started with lots of wins last year too… the difference is that this year, they’re actually playing great basketball. Last year they were much sloppier, pulling a lot of games out with last-second heroics. Now they’re blowing teams away. So far so good. The only team that looks even close to presenting a challenge is Orlando… though Vince looks to be doing his injury dance again.
    – ESPN was unbelievably bad during the game. 15 minutes (maybe more) selling Simmons’ book. Wtf, was this an infomercial?? Microphone kept cutting out. Real bush league stuff. Weird.

  • Rav

    Lester’s a 58th pick. We can’t expect too much of him. He is running the point without too many mistake, and I am 100% happy with that. Would it be nice if he played better? Yes, but he doesn’t need to and he shouldn’t be expected to.

  • Rav

    should be “mistakes”

  • larry

    do you guys really read bill simmons crap.? he and all those other know nothings pick the lakers every year.!!the only one with any sense is tim legler…

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    No, KG missed that oop because he mishandled it. Watch it again.

  • Cool16

    dont listen to espn writers listen to NBA former players