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Meet Big Baby’s Cast

Chuck - Red's Army October 30, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on Meet Big Baby’s Cast


That's Glen Davis and his cast moments before taking the official team photo on the floor of the Garden.

Big Baby and Danny Ainge faced the media at 7:30pm.

"I feel like I let a lot people down and it hurts. It was a stupid mistake. Something I have learned from."

Ainge called the incident "unfortunate," and said the team would not suspend Davis. We thought they already had.

The Globe has more:

"We want him around the team," President of Basketball Operations
Danny Ainge said. "We want him on the road. We want him working out. We
want him conditioning with the team and continuing to learn everything
that we're doing right now to progress and move forward.

"This was an unfortunate incident. Glen has apologized to owners,
teammates and coaches and fans and everybody. It's time to move
forward, put it behind us."

Said Davis: "It's been tough watching the guys play and not being
there. I just want to move on and stay in shape to make sure I'm ready
to play. It was a stupid mistake. Something I most definitely have
learned from and looking forward. I wish it would have never happened."

If you can't watch on TV tonight, is carrying the game.

(Photo courtesy WBZ-TV

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