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“That’s great, but where do I put my weed and candy?”

2 Lakers I respect teamed up with one I don't for a funny ESPN commercial.

(Via Fanhouse)

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  • FYI, your twitter feed been acting a fool lately

  • I know.. I know. I act a fool on there enough… I don’t need it being crazy.
    What have you been seeing? I just want to make sure no one has gotten into my account.

  • Just links to old posts. That and nude photos of your wife…oh wait, she DM’d those to me. Never mind.
    I keed keed

  • Lex

    You’re OK, RA. I also have gotten past the hate for these two guys, and, kind of like some of the US soldiers who talked about how hard the germans fought in WWII, I almost, gulp, like them. But, alas, I never will like Byron and probably not coop a loop either.

  • Got mad respect for those guys. They just wore the wrong uniform. But you’re right… the year-after-year battles earn them a special place in your heart. You have to respect the level of play and the battle.

  • shit.. she doesn’t even DM them to ME

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    Crazy to think he almost went to the Heat. I guess he could have teamed up with Ronny Seikaly and Voshon Leonard for an ESPN commercial.