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Pippen Thinks Lakers Can Make Run At Bulls Record

Via Chris Mannix of SI.com:

"The Lakers have a chance," Scottie Pippen said. "They have the luxury of a young center like [Andrew] Bynum, a young power like [Pau] Gasol and even Josh Powell is a guy who deserves minutes. They have a lot of depth. If anybody can challenge [the record], it's them."

If you are going to cite depth, than you gotta mention the Celtics. And if you are going to cite the Lakers depth, naming Josh Powell won't help your argument. Andrew Bynum? He's the first name out of Pippen's mouth? I have more health concerns about his knees than I do with KG.

It's really just Pippen showing his ignorance about basketball. What can you expect from a guy who refused to take the floor at the end of a playoff game because he was asked to pass and not shoot?

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  • mrmarshall

    who the hell josh powell?

  • fiorelladad

    I also guess that Phil Jackson as head coach had nothing to do with his biased answer.

  • Reality

    I’m guessing that a guy who was actually on that 72 win team and had a big part in most of those victory’s has a better perspective than a homer celtic fan on a biased blog.
    These petty comments just shows the insane jealousy of a small group of fans that hate the FACT that their blessed celtic team could not get out of the second round of the playoffs last year and your mortal enemy not only won the championship but got better for the next season.

  • haha

    wow guess someone here is butt hurt that someone choose the Lakers over the celtics.

  • Tollbooth Willie
  • BigMck

    Jealousy? Not at all. Injuries happen.
    Lakers fans are jealous, because until LA makes up for their embarassing peformance in the Finals two years ago, you will remain unsatisfied.
    Pippen is a tool, I never liked him. That’s the reason for this post.

  • Joseph

    Wow, someone sounds like a crying little b*tch .. .
    WHAH, Scottie Pippen says the Lakers can make a run at the 72 win season, WHAH, what about my Suckdics Whah!!
    Typical Boston fan

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    “the most overrated player in the history of the NBA”
    Eesh. I don’t think so, dude.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    “Pippen is a tool, I never liked him. That’s the reason for this post.”
    Ohhh, okay. I gotcha then. 🙂

  • Pippen also thought it was a good idea to date this a little while back:

  • FSantos33

    He is just trying to kiss Phil Jacko and Jerry Buss asses to land a job in LA. Nice try Pip’ LOL

  • BigMck

    I seriously consider him overrated. Take him off that Bulls team and he’s Xavier McDaniel.
    I will never get over him whining like a bitch and refusing to take the court during the final seconds of a playoff game because he wasn’t the designated shooter.

  • ej

    faggot celtics fans always hating. hahahahahhahahahahah i love it!

  • Alex

    Has anyone noticed how immature the Laker trolls are making themselves look?
    Swearing and acting childish will just make your team look bad.

  • Nora

    At least we don’t go to a Lakers blog and troll that is truly pathetic.

  • Nora

    Lakers fans always trolling. Pathetic. Get a real life

  • stoolFool

    go look at his stats with/without jordan. he was a good player and a great second option. it is laughable he was selected to the 50 greatest players of all time.
    plus he’s kind of a douche

  • Chris

    Christ lol. Pippen has forgotten more about basketball than the idiot who wrote this assinine post will ever know. There’s a reason Pippen is one of the best all-around players to ever play the game and the writer’s fat ass is sitting on the couch writing a blog lol.
    Maybe Pippen mentioned Bynum because he gives LA a great inside presence on both ends of the floor. When you factor him in with Gasol and Powell it does give LA a lot of depth. Only a dipshit (like the writer of this blog) would think otherwise.

  • Cool16

    Hey it`s your site you can say watever the hell u want but what i don`t understand is that it`s just an opinion of a guy then all of a sudden u guys all act like that he`s not one of the greatest players in the game???? i mean that`s messed up

  • Has anyone noticed how immature the Laker trolls are making themselves look?
    Swearing and acting childish will just make your team look bad.
    This is nothing new. All you have to do is say the name Lakers and some of the dumbest son of a bitches whoever crawled out of a trailer start posting.

  • Cool16

    Has anyone noticed how immature the fans of the celtics are?
    I mean calling/saying that Scottie Pippen was overrated bla bla this that i mean just because he just said that the Lakers(the rival team) have a chance to win 72 games, i mean it`s just an opinion. You don`t have to call him crazy cause it`s just an opinion.

  • As someone who has read Red’s Army since nearly the beginning, back when we lost 18 in a row, I can tell you BigMck has had this opinion about Pippen and posted it way before he said this dumb crap about the Lakers and 72/73 wins. Next time Pippen says something retarded about whatever (too bad I don’t think he has that awful column for Yahoo Sports anymore since he can’t actually speak English when writing) I’m sure BigMck will post about how dumb the guy is. But it probably won’t be about the Lakers, so you won’t get an RSS feed hit on it, so you won’t get to come be a lame troll.

  • zippittyay

    ANYONE who thinks ANY team THIS year has a chance in hell of winning 70+ games is either high on crack or just willfully ignoring reality. The Bulls set the record with a very good team but in an extremely watered down league. Orlando, who was an EXPANSION team just 6 years earlier had the second best record in the east. All the halfway decent teams were in the west and there weren’t many of them either. There could be 4 or even FIVE teams that win 60 games this year. NO ONE will win more than 65.

  • BigMck

    Thanks Josh for backing me up.

  • its just his opinion my man
    Scottie pippen is not the most overrated player of all time….give me a break please

  • Joseph

    Boston fans think they are such hot sh*t because they won a championship for the first time in 22 years. Wake up and smell the coffee, Boston has not been the dominate NBA franchise since the 60s.
    In the modern era (i.e. the past 30 years), the Lakers have been the most successful team in the NBA. This cannot be denied and it eats Boston fans up – I love it!

  • Cool16

    Finally someone saying it`s just an opinion and pippen is not the most overrated player of all time