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Most Absurd Rumor Ever: Rondo for T-Mac


On his Twitter page, ESPN's Ric Bucher commented on a trade rumor that somehow escaped us, Rajon Rondo for Tracy McGrady:

About the rumored Rondo-TMac trade: figment from Bos offering Ray and Rajon around this summer. Told Bos wouldn't want TMac.

You're damn right Boston wouldn't want McGrady. He's damaged goods. Even when healthy, he's a me-first, no-defense kinda guy. It would go down as one of the worst trades in Boston sports history.

Here's Bucher's take on the Rondo contract talks:

On Rondo talks: there will be at least one more exchange of terms, but I'd say it's still a long shot they get anything done.

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After the jump, Jessica Alba wearing thigh high boots at last night's Clippers game.



I admit that first picture didn't deliver, so I threw in the second picture as a make-good.

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  • FSantos33

    RONDO and RAY RAY for T-Mac LOL Ric Bucher gotta be smoking. Not sure how this rumor escaped us but indeed this rumor was absurd. Ainge would’ve been locked up for life if he pulled that trigger.
    Rondo’s fake autograph on the ball was definitely a message to Danny Ainge. It is Rondo’s silent way of saying “Up your offer and I’ll sign!” Hope he’ll sign by Saturday; if he doesn’t sign then it could be a distraction throughout the season instigated by the media.

  • JD

    haha I wouldnt trade Rondo for Tmac straight up, let alone Rondo AND Ray

  • FSantos33

    I have to give credit to Shelden Williams; In 22 min SW scored 12 points mostly from FT, 9 Rebs, 3 dimes, and one Tommy Point. I called him butter fingers vs. Cavs; he didn’t look comfortable and was out of his element a bit. I know it was only the Bobcats but he showed he belonged last night. Even KG gave him props walking back to the locker room. Keep it up SW.
    Can’t wait to play the Bulls. This time we have KG back and they have Deng back. Rondo vs. Rose. Perk slapping Noah around should be fun.

  • what is wrong with with these blockheads still talking about hypothetical rondo trades
    fucking enough bucher you prick

  • KY Celts fan


  • gordbillybob

    I wouldn’t trade big baby, sorry I mean Glen, for T-mac!!!
    I don’t even want him if he signs for the veterans minimum and we don’t loose anyone.
    T-Mac can stay on someone else IR list we don’t need him.

  • Defense Wins Games

    This is a very silly trade proposal. But if the Rockets will buy out Tracy’s contract, the Celtics could sign T-Mac to back up Pierce and Ray Allen.