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Doc explains Ray’s minutes

Ray diving

The Boston Celtics have played 96 minutes of basketball so far this season.  Ray Allen has played 80:22 of those minutes.  I started bitching about it yesterday… and then I continued last night on Twitter.  I got a lot of "it's too early to start on this" type of comments… which I understand.  But at least I'm not the only one who noticed.

Today on Dennis & Callahan, Doc was asked why Ray is playing the most minutes on the team.

Last night was foul trouble. You always have to look at fouls. Marquis
Daniels had three fouls. Paul had two fouls early, and Ray was the guy
that was left on the floor. Most nights, if foul trouble is not a
problem, Ray will be in that 30-minute mark. Ray may be the
best-conditioned of the group as well.

I know Ray is in awesome shape.  And I know that it's early. But I hate that it's already at least a topic of conversation.

UPDATE:  Here's the audio

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  • How does foul trouble matter when you are up 30 points late in the 3rd quarter?
    It doesn’t…

  • Considering how many shots Ray has taken so far, Doc could have him in there to find his shot. He hasn’t looked all that great, but it only takes one good night to get him on a hot streak.

  • Jason

    Ray’s game isn’t that physical, banging, crashing, though he does the most running off the ball on the team. Too early to gnash teeth, but worth keeping an eye on.

  • thetitleisours

    Id Doc not happy with Eddie House??
    It does not seem to matter now, but by midseason it will catch up if the minutes continue

  • Yeah… i have no idea why Ray played so much last night in a complete and utter blowout when he played too many minutes the night before…he was even in there playing PG at one point, while the 23 yr old rondo sits on the sidelines and rests, and doesnt even play 30 minutes? made 0 sense