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8 points in a row… signed by Rajon Rondo

In the span of about 1:10 in the 3rd quarter last night, Rajon Rondo found Paul Pierce for 8 straight points.  Those three of his 11 assists were in the form of two Pierce 3’s and a Pierce fast break dunk.

And check out the :58 mark of this video… as Rajon “autographs” the ball and then just bats it away on his way back to the bench.

That’s one confident young man right there.

Rondo played one hell of a game yesterday and showed one side of why he’s such a great point guard.  This wasn’t the Rondo that we saw against the Chicago Bulls.  This was facilitator Rondo… making sure every one of his teammates got his share of looks. 

He only shot 6 times… and made 5 (mostly layups, as per usual).  He found guys all over the floor and it was always the right guy in the right place.  And he did it all in less than 30 minutes of play.

Rondo’s numbers so far in two games:  21 assists, 6 steals… and 3 turnovers.  THREE turnovers.

Makes you wonder if Rondo was autographing the ball… or mimicking the big contract he’s earning.

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  • Since when wasnt rondo a facilitator in the chicago series?
    there was a game in that series where he had 19 assists and 0 turnovers
    anways…the whole signing the autograph thing was pretty cool, and the celtics are always at their best with rondos tempo

  • I love that “autograph” move, almost as much as I love watching the highlites edited by John.
    What other Celtics blog gives you their own edited highlite packages?

  • My point was Rondo was THE key player in the Chicago series… scoring and passing…
    In this game he stepped back.
    The point was he played differently in this game.

  • Mr West


  • Orb

    The autograph was sweet, one more thing to throw on the Why-Everyone-Else-Hates-The-Celtics pile. As long as he keeps backing it up, sign away. I’m waiting for KG to pull out the little finger-walking on his hand thing he did on the bench whenever Rondo went off during the playoffs last year.

  • There’s a .gif of that floating around somewhere right? I need it!

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I’ve got a .gif somewhere of a dude getting kicked in the nuts nonstop. Ya want that one?

  • Thanks, but nah, that will just remind me of work…

  • Spiraea

    I seriously loved the autograph move tho I was a bit surprised Mike and Tommy didn’t mention it! Guess they didn’t see it :/ Rondo is the one young guy on the team that needs to be signed to be a Celtic for life.

  • AboveTheRim

    Do you have the clip of Tommy screaming for a 3 second violation after Felton was basically knocked out in the paint??
    I’d love to hear that. I missed that last night…

  • Abe

    Hurry up and pay the man Danny.

  • JD

    haha I saw that too, Tommy can get a bit ridiculous

  • KY Celts fan

    I love the reaction from the Bobs after the first Pierce trey. It’s a “WTF? Can we not catch a break?”