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Toyed With & Humiliated

Chuck - Red's Army October 28, 2009 Uncategorized 19 Comments on Toyed With & Humiliated

The Celtics outplayed and outclassed the Charlotte Bobcats, 92-59 in their home opener at the Garden.

Leading by 11 at the half, the Celtics blew the game open by scoring the first 16 points of the 3rd quarter. Of course, I missed the entire run because I had to go upstairs and put the kids to bed. Oh the joys of parenthood.

The defense was stifling. Charlotte shot 31% from the floor and 0% (0-10) from three. Perk (4 blocks) and KG (3 blocks) were monsters in the paint.

Other observations:

The game got chippy in the 2nd half. Tyson Chandler and several other Bobcats tried to goad Perk into a tech or worse on numerous occasions. He kept his cool for awhile but finally got a T for taunting.

KG fell on Raymond Felton's face during a loose ball. Felton needed several stitches. As he lay there motionless in the paint, Tommy screamed for a 3 seconds call. Classic Heinsohn.

What is Doc's obsession with playing Ray Allen too many minutes? He logged 38 tonight and didn't exit until the 9 minutes mark of 4th quarter. The starter with the next highest minutes was Rondo with 30.

Box Score

After the jump, highlites from the block party.

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  • Charlotte might very well have been the worst team I have ever seen,

  • DRJ

    Great game. A little sloppy on offense, but OMG the defense was just AWESOME.
    – First 3 minutes of this game was just PERFECT Cs basketball.
    – The absolute BEST news out of this game is that KG IS BACK. Really back. He was not distinguishable in this game from his 07-08 form. If you compared him tonight to last night, you would hardly think it’s the same guy. All his hops were back, fully mobile, aggressive… all back, all of it.
    – This team is going all the way baby.
    – Uhhh… based on Sheed’s hair tonight (same headband, much shorter/different hair) he WAS wearing a wig last night !!!!! LOL
    Btw, poor Cavs… trip-dub for Lebron and they still lose. Same old same old. Plus Shaq is a curse no team can overcome.
    (I think Ray is getting extra PT because he needs it… his game has been off, and they figure he’ll hit his stride with the extra burn.)

  • KY Celts fan

    Oooh, Perk is nasty! Amazing D! I agree with DRJ, that Doc is trying to get Ray as much time as he needs to get back in a good groove. and since we were blowing the Bobs out anyways, it was a good time to practice.
    I’m astonished about the Cavs. I knew they weren’t going to be as good as last year, but I didn’t think they would be this bad!

  • AMP

    God, what an interesting opportunity to be able to evaluate our players without hard matches. The Celts look so good it is scary.
    I think it is brainless to play Ray so long. He rarely looks tired. He goes through slumps which he can bounce out of so fast and then be so damaging. If I were Doc, looking at the Big 3, Ray always looks like the best option to save a game or to stay in a game. He looks the same for all 48 minutes. It is amazing. And I bet he is in bed now…and up at 7. I think it confuses Doc.

  • haha last night KG didnt look right at all, and tonight hes totally back?
    hell, he played better in cleveland….your overreactions from game to game are always great to see

  • Pretty sloppy game, but take the win, noone looked spectacular, but the team as a whole is looking real good, the bobcats were pathetic tonight

  • NineSevenEight

    He picked his hair out in Cleveland. He didn’t in Boston.

  • DRJ

    We must be watching different games. KG was pretty hobbled last night, great tonight. Call em as I see em.

  • FSantos33

    Hey John, Jose Calderon probably saw your title post today. He up-faked on a fast break lay-up on LeBron. Sweet 0 – 2 Cavs start.

  • FSantos33

    Jose Calderon up-faking (Last highlight of the video)
    Check Cavs at Raptors

  • didnt get to see the game, what was everyones assessment of Lester’s and JR’s play?

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    12 and 9 for Shelden. I thought he played well against the Cavs too. Hope he can keep it up til Big Big Dummy gets back. Then maybe keep his spot and say bye bye to TA or Scal?

  • Jason

    Maybe this is old news, but it’s the first time I heard of it. I just read that Doc has been speaking to the team about being an historically great D and not just by being at the top of some stat list, but being so dominant and disruptive that they are remembered and talked about like the ’85 Bears. This decade’s Spurs and the 90’s thug Knicks have a rep for D, but there isn’t just one year where in NBA circles people say THAT YYYY TEAM had a force-to-be-reckoned with defense.
    I guess it’s tough to play 82 games of out of your mind defense, but challenging them to be the ’85 Bears of NBA history is quite a motivational tool. If they buy into that, this is going to be an awesome year.

  • Jason

    Lester facilitated, didn’t force anything, didn’t necessarily create much either. Not a ton to evaluate. Overall, you can say he played like he belonged, not overwhelmed, which is basically more than you could have ever said about Pruitt or about Giddens or Walker last year.
    JR avoided taking one or two shots, not wide open ones, but he looked a little tentative. Then he rose for a wing-jumper and nailed it, but the ref had just blown the whistle so it didn’t count. Then he airballed a corner 3. Then he looked a little spastic as usual. Then he pulled down an impressive rebound. Then he pulled down an even more impressive rebound. Overall, pretty much the same JR. These minutes were god for him though.

  • Jason

    Despite one very ugly, very-open J and so-so hands, Sheldon finally showed me something and it was quite impressive. I know who he was facing, but at least 3 times he showed a basketball IQ, knowledge of the offense and aggressiveness. He ran a very fluid, solid pick and roll at least three times leading to points or fouls. He even finished down-low at least twice. He clearly rebounded and btw at that point of the game the refs practically swallowed their whistles. He got those boards with Giddens as his support and two guys on his back, i.e. he was tough, too. IQ, decision-making, rebounding, finishing, active D, good FT shooting. All-in-all very encouraging.

  • KY Celts fan

    You are such a Debbie Downer! I’m beginning to think that you’re actually Simmons – obsessed with Rajon, always pessimistic about KG

  • Maybe… But I think Celtics is the most powerful defensive squad the NBA might offer this season.

  • Wait until you see the Kings

  • That Charlotte team looked just awful. Literally looked like the first time they’ve played against another team that was even present on D.
    Perk is looking, dare I say, quick? Quick-er?