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Newsflash: Rondo Talks Are Not Dead


Via Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports:

Agent Bill Duffy said Celtics president Danny Ainge restarted talks
by expressing a willingness to improve a possible offer to Rondo during
a meeting at halftime of Boston’s 95-89 win in Cleveland on Tuesday. On
Monday, Duffy told Yahoo! Sports that Rondo would not sign a contract
extension with the Celtics and would become a restricted free agent
next summer. The deadline for a possible extension is Saturday.

“Our position was firm, but Danny Ainge reached out and said they
were willing to move,” Duffy told Yahoo! Sports in a phone interview.
“Our mind was made up on this. But he said, ‘Let’s try to talk again,
let us put some stuff together and talk [Wednesday].’ ”

Sounds like the Celtics are willing to increase their initial offer of 5-years, $45 million. The Rondo camp is reportedly seeking $11 – $12 million per year.

Here's Rondo's stat line from last night's game: 8 points, 4-8 FG, 10 assists, 6 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 TOs

I though Rondo played a decent game. Anytime he gets double digit assists with a 5-1 assist/turnover ratio, I don't think it's fair to complain. But… I felt he could have pushed the ball upcourt more in the second half.

It's unfair to judge Rondo on this one game, but is the effort he put forth last night worthy of $11 million per year?

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  • ClownBaby

    For example, I think that picture is from the play where Rondo was under the basket and whipped the ball out to the three point line and completely missed PP. I think?

  • thetitleisours

    I am sure the Celtics are thinking 10 Mil a year. But if they start with that offer than they had no room to bargain

  • I think this team is at its best when rondo is pushing the ball and running the offense, i thik this consitently gets overlooked and ignored…can ray allen even make a basket if rondo isnt pushing the ball?
    I also noticed he had Mo williams completely frustrated all night, had half the teams assists and only 2 turnovers, he can be a stat sheet stuffer, but he also does things that dont show up in the boxscore…but because this is such a well rounded team, noones gonna be putting up eye boggling numbers, and this kid at 23 understands the meaning of balance

  • UNH332

    Rondos stat line honestly does do his performance justice. I thought he played very well on defense making reaction plays that you can’t teach but are naturally given to you.
    Also, how bout those back to back off. rebounds in the 4th quarter. He’s playin his butt off and doing most of the little things that always go unnoticed.
    Pleaseeeeee sign Rondooooooooo

  • JD

    Look it, Rondo has a tough job. Everybody wants him to run, but why would you run when you have the option of going to KG in the post or Paul Pierce in an iso. When Rondo runs, its more beneficial to him, but not for the entire team necessarily. It especially hurts Boston on defense, because its harder to set your defense when the team is runnin and gunnin. I think Rondo could have run a little bit more last night, but his game management overall last night was excellent.

  • JD

    This is not to say that Rondo shouldn’t ever try to push the ball, I’m just saying he can’t be doing it everytime he touches the ball.

  • PutDJintheHall

    Rondo is worth every penny. Larry Hughes makes 13 Million a year. Just for perspective…..
    He is my number sign guy. Lock him up, then you can build a team around him ALWAYS.
    He does so many things not on the stat sheet.
    His TO to assist is always awesome. I always catch myself going “WOW! Rondo just turned the ball over”
    Its odd for PG to TO the ball as little as he does.
    An the back to back off rebounds are just things that are bigger than saying, he had 2 off rebounds.
    I think it was 7 point game at the point and Ray hit the baseline jumper to push it back to 9.
    Rondo will always be better than his stat line and alot of the time his stat line is off the charts.
    See 2009 playoffs.

  • Danno

    pointing to Larry Hughes’ laughable contract as justification for overpaying another player isn’t exactly a good justification.
    that’s like saying I deserve to be King of Scotland because Prince Charles has big ears.

  • Jon

    enough of this chit-chat. SIGN RONDO – 10mil per year. I think Rondo just wants to get as much as he possibly can out of Ainge. He’s a genius.

  • DRJ

    Not worth what he’s asking. He’s great at what he does well, but has 2-3 glaring problems: jumper, FTs, attitude. If it was me, I would stand firm and let the market decide next year. If we lose Rondo, we lose him. He can be replaced.

  • Jared

    rondo’s great! but i think he’s not good for 12m per year… he must cooperate so that the celtics could sign good players as well…