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Maybe guys should start upfaking LeBron or something

LeBron's chase-down blocks on Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen were spectacular. 

Here's the thing… it's kinda becoming his "thing."  Maybe guys should stop and up-fake… or try to glide under the hoop and go for the reverse lay up. 

Cuz 'Bron is comin… ain't no doubt about that.  Time for plan B.

Hat Tip: BDL via BallerBlogger

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  • Or kiss it off the glass. It’s a goaltend if he touches it whether it’s going in or not.

  • Al

    As dumb as it sounds, when I play ball the upfake on a fast break is always an option. Anything to score – u never see it in the NBA though – macho thing probably…

  • Danno

    I don’t understand how half of these Marv Albert boner inducing blocks aren’t called as “over the back” foul calls. Or better yet – clear path fouls – since he’s hitting you over the back from behind while trailing you the whole way down the court?
    And why is it goaltending if you release it and it touches the backboard, but NOT goaltending when your hand is still on the ball, and the ball is above the cylinder on it’s way down?

  • It’s not goaltending because you haven’t released the ball. The ball isn’t on it’s way anywhere until it leaves your hand.

  • redStoolsArmy

    where in that replay does he foul rondo? no way there was a foul on that play. there are lots of times i think there is one on these plays because usually the blocker slams his body into the shooter afterwards. in this case though, he avoided all contact with rondo.

  • JD

    Yeah Rondo should have just layed it in or tried an up and under. LeBron is fucking insane, if he had one other legit all star on his team (Mo Williams doesnt count) than the Cavs would be the best team in the league.

  • Jason

    As I mentioned this in a recent post, these plays are moronic to conventionally put the ball up, especially exposing it, when you see he’s behind you, tracking you. There were 3 of these last night. Not only did they not learn from all the times he did it last year, but the how about the first two times just in this game? Those 3 plays plus KG’s miserable missed dunk are 8 points left on the table. They overcame that in this game, but to forsake 8 high-percentage points is rather ridiculous and eventually will/could bite them. Imagine when the game was getting tense in the final 4 minutes, before Pierce hit his first J if the margin was 14 instead of 6. That’s a huge difference, taking all drama out of the game and maybe even saving the starters some minutes even against top competition. Wasted gimmies drive me nuts.

  • PutDJintheHall

    It impressive either way.
    I go to a lot UVM game and Marques Blakely does the same thing at least once a game. its awesome!
    1:12 I was at that game Bracketbuster VS Buffalo
    3:16 Game against Binghampton up by 25 at halftime and lost!

  • Jason

    It’s not just the 6 points on these 3 blocks by the way. It’s also the opportunity to get a foul on him, maybe even a 3-point play. It’s not letting the crowd get amped. It’s not letting him get some energy.
    From half court on all three of those plays, you could see him coming. Not once did a C do anything but set himself to be a LeTravel highlight. It was stupid, embarrassing and aggravating to see unfold. THREE TIMES.

  • I can see Rondo, with his speed, thinking he might outrun LeBron and make the play, but Ray… Ray really needs to stop and shoot it. He’s not beating LeBron to the rim.

  • It’s nice to see you on the site.

  • Jason

    Rondo made an open court steal, took just one dribble I think and extended for a finger roll at the front of the rim. This gave Williams zero chance to even get close to him. Of course Williams isn’t the chase down threat LeTravel is, but this is the play most of these guys should be making. Trying to elevate closer to the rim and higher for a dunk just allows time and spacing for a block. Going for lay-ups off the glass even more so. But if you go directly for the front of the rim (most direct route) and fully extend for a finger-roll, no one can do anything but let you go or go through you for a foul. All reward, no risk as opposed to the alternative we all saw, 3 blocks.

  • Agreed. I was screaming foul at first but the replay clearly showed it was just a great block.

  • Amazing plays by lebron…hes the only player in the league that stops either of those baskets…and the celtics have made a habit out of going up soft in transition against lebron…when will they learn?

  • haha

    Open your damn eyes, The ball is still on his hand. And clear path? do you even know what your talking about? get real dude. You sure you know the rules to basketball?

  • 11rings

    I’m not a fan of the finger roll in this situation-too easy to miss, especially if you are coming in at absolute top speed, and if the defender does get there in time, it’s an easy shot to block without fouling. If it ends up in the third row, you get the ball back. Rondo might have been allright if he would have kept the ball down until shooting. It would have given him more options. It’s harder to adjust with the ball up like that.
    How about this option: a teammate runs down the court also, on the other side or trailing, and the guy with the ball passes after Lebron commits.

  • 11rings

    If it ends up in the third row, you get the ball back, but still.

  • Jason

    You’re not properly visualizing the way to execute this. If you take off from the restricted area circle going mostly upwards, yes you could be blocked. If you take off from a step inside the foul line and extend to the front of the rim, the defender can’t reach the ball without going through you.

  • DRJ

    First, to avoid this kind of thing it’s important the the TEAMMATES shout a warning as the man is driving to the basket. This is ESPECIALLY true when you’re playing LeBron. The idea of the shouted warning should be discussed in advance so that players are listening for it when these plays come up.
    Second, I’m sorry for all the blind viewers on this blog and in TV-land, but that was a CLEAR FOUL. Lebron’s torso hits Rondo’s torso at the very moment he touches the ball, and knocks him down to the ground very hard. Since when is that ok in the NBA? Sorry, but there is no rule that says that “so long as you touch the ball, you can also slam the body”.
    But there is a rule that says “you can get away with this obvious foul if your name is LeBron James”.

  • DRJ

    You were right the first time. It was a clear foul. Lebron’s torso hit Rondo’s very hard and knocked him down.

  • Greg

    Or just be a real man and follow Courtney Lee’s lead…

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Sorry man, No foul. First of all if the torso hits after the block has occured then there is no foul, it would only be considered if the bodies collided prior to the ball being blocked. Also what referee is not going to reward that sort of hustle even if it was a close call, which it wasnt. I love the celtics but your crazy if you cant appreciate what lebron did there. The guy is a freak

  • DRJ

    The contact occurred simultaneously with LeBron’s touching the ball. And it was very hard contact. That’s a foul. Period.
    But I agree, the refs will not call it because it’s such a great-looking play. A great-looking play that just happens to be illegal.

  • TrueCeltic

    Could not be more wrong……look at the 23 and 24 second mark on the video….Lebron blocks the ball and avoids contact VERY well….

  • TrueCeltic

    Lebron gets Rhondo for a GREAT block at least twice a game and usually the 2nd time rhondo goes for a dunk cause the 1st few times he tried to lay it off the glass

  • Watch it and pay close attention at the 24 second mark on the video. Lebron’s body barely touched Rondo and Rondo’s force is what throws him to the ground.