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Now on TruFan: Cavalier Hangover

With our new relationship with, John and I will be posting a few blogs per week on that site. Here's a preview of my blog from today.

After the Celtics dismantle a team, I love to read their fan blogs and newspapers. I want to see if there's any sour grapes, excuse-making and/or respect paid to the Cs.

Here's what I found today after the Celtics 95-89 win in Cleveland.

Cavs HQ

This game was decided in the three minutes that LeBron James sat at the
start of the second quarter.  The Cavs were -6 in that stretch.  LeBron
had to play 45 minutes tonight, the first of a stretch of four games in
five nights, because the bench was atrocious and Mike Brown had no

Then again, when the reserves are this bad, I'm not sure how much
[Mike] Brown can do. I'm tired of the Cavalier bench jumping around and
pounding their chests, while playing with zero pride when they are
matched up against elite competition. [Daniel] Gibson, [Jamario] Moon
and [J.J.] Hickson looked just bad as any second unit the Cavaliers
used last season.

Not sure I agree with the first paragraph. The game was decided in the 3rd quarter when the Celtics starters pulled away, and the reserves held down the fort. I love the criticism of the Cavs all-talk, no-walk bench.

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  • DRJ

    It’s the coach’s job to use his entire team effectively. Mike Brown has always seemed to me to be one of the WORST coaches in the NBA… his game plan always seems the same: give it to LeBron.
    The only way the Cavs are going to make it this year is if they (a) get a new coach, and (b) get new game plans that do not revolve around LeBron.

  • mrmarshall

    i loved that lebron even stated the celtics were disrupting all the sets that the cavs had been working on in practice. mike brown is a terrible offensive coach because he does the same thing that most people do when lebron is playing: waits for something amazing to happen.
    we all know that lebron is a great player but he can’t win games against good teams without any sort offensive gameplan other than isolations and drive-and-kicks. brown needs to come up with something else if he wants to be taken seriously.
    look at the celtics, they have plays that take advantage of the strengths of every player on the team, not just the big three. they work the ball down low to perk, rondo slices through the lane to collapse the d and kick it out to shooters, kg forces opposing bigs to come out and guard him with jump shots and then blows past them for runners and bank shots. say what you will about doc but he uses every player in a way that maximizes their offensive skillset.