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Wyc Plans to Suspend Glen Davis

Via Boston.com:

"I've had enough of 'Big Baby,' so I'm going to start calling him
Glen," Grousbeck told the Globe. "It certainly seems like there's going
to be a suspension here."

Last night Gary Tanguay reported Davis would be out 6-to-8 weeks with a broken hand. But this morning, we are learning the injury is a broken thumb and surgery is still a possibility.

Steve Bullpett from the Herald:

But sources said there is some type of fracture in the thumb and that
he will have to undergo further testing with specialists to determine
whether there is greater damage that could necessitate surgery.

I'm going to keep using a line from our other posts on this injury – Great. Just great.

After the jump, some pics from yesterday's Celtics practice.





(Photos courtesy Yahoo! Sports)

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  • G4L

    Am I the only one that doesn’t think this is the biggest deal in the world. I mean sure it makes the bench a little weaker but I think the C’s have a great team with or without “Glen”. Wallace will play more minutes & Sheldon will play a little more but nothing dramatic.

  • You’re right. Why get all worked up over a guy we project to play 10 minutes per night?
    It’s just not a good way to start the season.

  • Sophomore

    He was a big plus off the bench – the drop from him to Shelden Williams is easily noticeable. Assuming he’s able to play the way he did at the end of last year – and let’s not forget, he shed weight and was in the best shape of his life – BBD could start on a number of other NBA teams.
    And let’s face it. Our starting five is very, very good, but it’s hard to make the case that it’s clearly better than the Lakers’ starting five. We might even be a step behind. What really sets this team apart, potentially, is its depth. We *should* be able to put huge pressure on teams for 48 minutes.

  • gordbillybob

    So what’s the deal….How did he break it????

  • Alex

    I’m sorry but I honestly think Big Baby is a damn fool to pull this crap off. We had such a great bench and all of a sudden, it gets hit big time with Big Baby gone, possibly for the whole season.
    In response to Sophomore, I honestly believe the Celtics 5 is better than the Lakers 5 and our bench is also better than their bench (by a good margin), but we are already getting hit by the injury bug so I’m not sure what else is going to happen. So far we’ve had stupid injuries…
    Scal twisting his ankle by landing on a reporter’s foot (wow). Big Baby being a dumbass and fighting with a “friend” of his two days before the season starts. Tony Allen gets injured all the time, probably messed up his ankle by eating ice cream. And Bill Walker is still rather new (but has lots of potential) to the system but he’s also injured.
    4 injured players to start the season. Great.

  • Alex

    Oh, by the way, what is the point of suspending Big Baby if he isn’t going to play in the games due to his injury? Or does this suspension mean he isn’t allowed to be with the team?

  • Davis broke his hand fighting with a former college teammate. Neat.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    The point of suspending him would be that he not only misses the games, he misses the pay. If hes injured he still gets paid, if hes suspended then he doesn’t get paid.

  • They probably had a few too many beers, started horsing around, wrestling, etc…

  • Danno

    What the fuck is he doing having a few too many beers the night before the season opener?
    they should suspend him just for that.

  • Alex

    Actually it was TWO days before the season opener. But still, Big Baby is a big dummy.

  • Lakerhater

    At least he wasn’t on a moped. Dock his pay, its time to grow up BBD.

  • Jp

    “I’ve had enough of ‘Big Baby,’ so I’m going to start calling him Glen,” Grousbeck told the Globe. “It certainly seems like there’s going to be a suspension here.”
    This line alone, to me, is filled with more animosity towards Davis than anything I heard Ainge say about Rondo this summer.

  • haha

    UH OH here we go with another excuse..BIG BABY is an “all star caliber Like KG” therefore Celtics wont win SHIET this year.

  • Alex

    We never said that, you moron. Big Baby is just a great bench player and we lost him because he was being stupid.
    It’s a frustrating loss.
    There is no excuse to lose games with Big Baby gone, by the way, so shut up.

  • Joseph

    This is the beginning of the end for the Suckdics. Next up, Rondo will have a major injury this year. You heard it here first.
    Oh BTW, after you guys lose to the Cavs, stay tuned to TNT, because the World Champion Lakers will be getting their rings.

  • Alex

    Only time I will give props to Lakers getting their rings is when they beat the Celtics.
    Sorry, but the C’s are superior than the Lakers as for how many championships they have won and the amount of times we kicked your asses to win our Rings.
    Beat that, ass.

  • haha

    I never said you guys said that dumbass. I said you guys will be using that as an excuse when you guys get knocked off in the first round.

  • Will the owners son speak during the ring ceremony? Will the majority of his speech once again be about the Celtics and how the Lakers have “almost caught them”? A real inferiority complex in that organization it seems.

  • paul

    He’ll be back this season guys, and it will most likely be a well needed refreshment to bench, but honestly, we still look pretty good. Sheed will just get more minutes now. Sounds like big baby still hasn’t grown up.

  • Agree. Sucks that it happened (and how it happened) but how many minutes was he going to get? 10-12 is what most predicted. We’ve lost a bench guy for a couple months. Plus it’s October. Better now than in April.

  • Joseph

    Easy to beat that….
    Since 1979, the Lakers have been the most successfuly franchise in the NBA winning the championship 9 times. As for the lowly Suckdics, they have only won 4 championships since that time. Conclusion – in the modern era, the Lakers have been the better franchise. You can’t deny this.
    Now, I know you Suckdic fans like to live in the past and still reminisce about the 60’s, you know when the Suckdics dominated the league, when there were like 8 teams in the league, but that time is done.
    Accept the fact, the Lakers are the more dominating franchise in the modern era.

  • Joseph

    Easy to beat that…
    Since 1980, the Lakers have been the most successful team in the league having won 9 NBA championships where the lowly Suckdics have only won 4. Since 1980, no team as won more NBA championships than the Lakers. Conclusion, the Lakers have the most dominating team in the NBA during the modern era. Yes, the Suckdics dominated a decade (i.e. the 60’s), but the Lakers have dominated the past 30 years. You can’t deny this!
    Now I know you Suckdic fans like to reminisce about the 60’s when the Suckdics were the dominating franchise, but that time is done. There are way more teams in the league now so its time for you guys to move on and live in the now.