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Tonight’s plans, and a new partnership

We'd like to announce a new partnership with… a pretty fast growing site that you might have seen on places like, and other national media outlets. 

As part of the partnership, we'll be trying out some new interactive features here on Red's Army, much like the one you'll see if you click on that link.  And, we'll be hosting our live chats on the TruFan Celtics page.  We'll always have a link up here when we're doing something… so you can keep coming to Red's Army and we'll make sure you get right into the live chat.

The live chat starts tonight at 7:15.  Looking forward to it.  That last one was awesome with more than 300 people checking in… so I can't imagine what this one will be like.

After the live chat, we're gonna catch our breath and fire up The Two Man game for an hour long post-game show starting at 10pm.  As usual, you can visit our show page to listen live… or you can just plug this number into your phone and call us from the bar at 10pm:
(718) 508-9841.  We not only tolerate drunken rants… we encourage them (we have to… we're drunk half the time anyway). 

Let's do it!! Celtics basketball is BACK!!! 

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  • I may just call in and listen if this pace continuios i’m not leave the house for the bar GO CELTICS

  • Glad we were clear on our “drunk calling” policy.

  • Jesse

    If you want to hear the BEST version of “in the air tonight”, click here:
    It’s a bunch of guys doing an acapella version on a train in France. Unreal.

  • Danno

    “an acapella version on a train in France.”
    This might be just about as close to Hell as you can get while still being alive. It would only be worse if Mimes were involved.