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Rondo’s agent: We’re not doing a deal

After not very much negotiating, talks between the Celtics and Rajon Rondo's agent have apparently broken off.

A meeting between Bill Duffy, the agent for Rajon Rondo, and Celtics
GM Danny Ainge apparently netting nothing but major difference in how
each side perceives Rondo's worth. Duffy, according to Yahoo! Sports,
wanted Rondo amongst the top 5 highest paid point guards while the
Celtics didn't feel that strongly….

"We’re not going to do an extension right now,” Duffy told Yahoo!.
“The conversation has been cordial. We’ve been talking the last couple
of weeks. There is a difference between the perception of him in their
eyes and our eyes. With that being said, the focus is on Rajon to have
a fantastic season and concentrate on winning a championship.”

The top NBA point guards make between $12 and $13 million.  I love Rondo… love him… but he's not quite there yet. 

Now… we don't know what the Celtics are offereing.  They're either lowballing Rajon and his agent is pissed… or this is a bunch of theatrics from the Rondo camp.  I'm betting a little of both.

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  • Danno

    13 million for Rondo is insanity.

  • Rondo is there in my opinion, and will garner bigger numbers then that on the free agent market, and by the time he is a unrestricted free agent, he will be known league-wide as a top 5 pg
    13 million for rondo is insanity?
    no the fact that hes playing for only 2.5 and the big 3 all make 18+ mil a season is the only insanity.
    Hes absolutely worth what he wants, and he and his agent know it, some celtics fans just overevaluate and overcritizice him

  • rondo barely making more then tony allen and less then eddie house = insanity
    By the end of the year he will be worth more then what he wants…which is about 20-25 million less then the max

  • The difference, Ruins, is that the big 3 earned those huge contracts with years of superstar play. They’re making $18 mil because they’re all stud players who had proven track records before the big deals were signed.
    That’s not to say Rondo can’t become that some day. That’s not a knock on Rondo’s ability. But you’ve got to understand a team’s hesitancy to give a 24 year old kid with a few years experience the same kind of contract.
    It sure seems like his career path is taking him to the top of the NBA point guard heap… I think he’s the future of this team… but I can totally see why the Celtics are hesitating before tossing piles of money at the kid

  • Danno

    I’ll say it again.
    13 Million for rondo is insanity.
    Better yet, it’s stupidity. The guy is a good point guard. He may turn out to be a great point guard. He is not yet, and he may well never be.
    But even the absolute top of the pile, best ever, point guards BARELY get anywhere near 13 mill.
    He can sign a 13 Million contract when he’s 28, and has another campionship under his belt WITHOUT the help of the Big 3. Until then – 9 Mil is about as much as he’s worth.
    Yes – there will be stupid teams willing to fork over 13 mil for him next year. LET THEM. They won’t be contenders, and they will lose, and his attitude and frustration will get worse BECAUSE they will lose, and it will be all his fault since he’s the big money man on a crap team that overpaid him.
    Giving Rondo 13 Million at this point in his career is like giving a 16 year old kid with no driving experience a brand new Ferrari, and a blindfold.
    Reasonable adults just plain don’t do things like that.

  • Nora

    The big 3 have been playing alot longer then Rondo. Think about it

  • LaMarcus Aldridge just signed a 5 year 65 million dollar contract…hes a big man who doesnt get 10 boards, doesnt play inside, is wildly inconsitent and unaggressive, from the same draft as rondo, and has accomplished less in his career
    And I guarantee there will be people that say Aldridge is more deserving then rondo, when in reality he isnt, you dont put Aldridge under the same microscope